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Don’t leave your business’s reputation to chance

Remove Personal Information puts you in control of your company’s online reputation

Rise above the fray

Build a strong business reputation that protects your brand from negative attacks, false reviews, and misleading press

Promote the positive

Make sure your customers find quality, truthful information about your business on the top page of your Google results

Bury the negative

Suppress misleading, negative content, burying it on lower search pages where it will almost never be seen

How do your search results affect your business?

Your company’s online reputation can be the difference between success and failure

Over 80% of reputation damage risks come from a mismatch between the buzz and the reality.

- Digimind

92% of users do not go past Page 1 for any given search.

- Moz Research

78% of U.S. adults believe it is very important to look up info about people and/or businesses online before deciding to interact or do business with them.

- Harris Interactive

What Remove Personal Information clients say

I was absolutely surprised, astonished,
and thankful… I believe in them so strongly that I
recommend them to all my professional friends.
– Dr. Tim, physician


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The Remove Personal Information Process

Situation analysis

Armed with over 10 years of research experience, we use proprietary techniques to assess your company’s search results and determine the most effective course of action.

Content creation

We write informative, professional content about your business, designed to impact search results, and based on both our analysis and any instructions you provide.

Content review

New content and media is sent to you for review, feedback, or edits via our client dashboard. Nothing gets published without you green-lighting it first.

Strategic publication

We distribute your new materials across a strategically chosen set of websites and according to a release schedule designed to maximize results.

Asset optimization

Our reputation experts adjust the metadata settings and link profiles for your new web properties in order to promote the search results you prefer. We can promote either pre-existing sites or new content, depending on your preference.

Search engine signaling

Your new content starts ranking in search engines like Google or Bing. People start finding this content, which causes search engines adjust their rankings to reflect new patterns of interaction.

Search results reordering

As time passes, your company’s search results gradually shift, with positive content moving up and negative content sinking to the bottom.

Reputation reinforcement

After your company’s online reputation goals have been achieved, we continue signaling search engines through optimization and low-level publication efforts, solidifying your brand against any future attacks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Not usually. In extremely rare cases it may be possible to have content removed if it is in clear violation of copyright law. However, in almost all cases, suppressing negative content using the Remove Personal Information method is the only viable option.

You should also be aware that the attention that comes from trying to delete sites can make your problem worse—even if you have a justifiable claim. This is a situation known as the Streisand Effect.

For that reason, we do not recommend that our clients try to delete negative search results.

All content is customized to your specifications, and it is written in a professional, understated tone by specialized writers and editors. We usually start with biographical writing about your professional or personal life, then expand to related topics that will help your search results. Images and other media may also play a role, depending on your situation.

Yes, though you will have to speak to the RPI Elite team to review your options. Elite engagements use powerful, proprietary technologies that can work without content publication—in certain situations. However, please be aware that these types of online reputation management services are very expensive. If you can solve your issue through content creation, you should consider it.

Be wary of any online reputation management company that offers guaranteed results. We’re the oldest and most reputable reputation management company out there, and we’ve lasted this long because we provide quality results that make our clients happy.

That said, the Internet is an extremely complex ecosystem that is constantly changing, so we can’t guarantee success in every single case.

Think about it: would you trust a doctor who guarantees to cure your illness or your money back? Probably not. It’s better to look for an honest doctor with a track record of success. The same holds true with online reputation management.

Because we provide real results that last, using above-board, “whitehat” techniques that search engines respect. We have built our reputation on quality, and that’s why we’re still here, more than 10 years after we founded the online reputation management industry.

The same can’t be said for all of our competitors. We’ve seen a number of fly-by-night operations come and go over the years, making exaggerated promises or using shady techniques to try to game search engines. It might work for a while (or not), but the results always disappear eventually. Sometimes, they even backfire, getting you blacklisted with Google and making future reputation management very expensive and time consuming. Do you really want to risk that?

Still have questions?

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Remove Personal Information Pricing

RPI 3000

Personalized Websites
Unique Direct Website
Professional Content
One-year Engagement Cost

RPI 5000

Personalized Websites
Unique Direct Website
Professional Content
One-year Engagement Cost

RPI 7500

Personalized Websites
Unique Direct Website
Professional Content
One-year Engagement Cost

RPI 10000

Personalized Websites
Unique Direct Websites
Professional Content
One-year Engagement Cost

RPI 15000

Personalized Websites
Unique Direct Websites
Professional Content
One-year Engagement Cost

RPI 25000

Personalized Websites
Unique Direct Websites
Professional Content
One-year Engagement Cost

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Custom reputation management services for delicate situations

If you are facing especially difficult online reputation issues, a standard Remove Personal Information engagement may not be enough. That’s why we also offer custom solutions with a higher level of personalized attention and the technological support of our elite R&D team.