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Is it feasible to remove mugshots from Busted Newspaper? Yes, it is very possible and our team here at Remove Personal Information has developed how the process is fulfilled. Typical removal timeframes are completed within 3-4 days


In this increased age of technology and the sharing of information, the odds are high that your mugshot is online if you have ever been arrested. BustedNewspaper.com is a public database that issues arrest information online


This simple to operate website is ideal for finding an arrest record on a friend or associate.


There has been a lot of uncertainty on the internet nowadays about the publishing of negative information. New stories varying from new state statutes to mugshot owners getting arrested for extortion


A Busted Newspaper removal may look like a somewhat daunting job. But with the appropriate direction, Remove Personal Information can have your information removed in 72-hours. 100% Guaranteed.


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How Does Busted Newspaper Make Money?

This website uses Google Adsense as their principal source of income from what it appears. 


The way Adsense works are by adding banner advertisements on the margins of web pages where they are then paid whenever a user clicks on them.


These advertisements originate from your individual search history (cache). For instance, you have been viewing products on Amazon lately for a new coffee maker. Next thing you know, during the subsequent week, as you are browsing the most recent news online and you see that same coffee maker on BustedNewspaper.com. 


As soon as you click on that advertisement it will credit Busted Newspaper and give them a |commission”. 


Furthermore, the more users that click on ads within Busted Newspaper, the more money they will make.


Will Busted Newspaper Answer Your Requests

Websites that publish arrest information must comply with any and all state laws. 


For example, in particular states such as California, it is illegal to charge for mugshot removals


So in turn, BustedNewspaper will demand a copy of your dismissal document and after a few days, they will remove your mugshot from their website.


Please ensure to be polite and non-combative while emailing or calling for a Busted Newspaper removal. 


Legislatively speaking they are inside the law to issue arrest information and mugshots unobstructedly.


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What Can RPI Do For You?

Our goal here at Remove Personal Information is to effectively eradicate all evidence of your arrest online. 


Yes, employers may still visit the county website if your case was not resolved. However, we believe you must keep some personal information private. As it has the potential to harm your professional life later on.


We begin by administering a free analysis to discover if BustedNewspaper.com is the only website promoting your arrest information online.


Ultimately, after 48-72 hours the individuals’ data will be removed from BustedNewspaper. 


Our experts do our due diligence here at Remove Personal Information to guarantee a quick removal.


Refreshing Google results or removing content is known as deindexing (removing outdated cache). We guarantee our work on all busted newspaper removal solutions.


In summation, if you have any further questions or concerns in regards to how to remove online mugshots, please call us directly at 833-873-0360. 


We look forward to speaking with you soon!

Please fill out the form below and we will reach out as soon as possible!