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BustedMugshots Removal Options

The owners of BustedMugshots claim that what they do is “nothing less than a criminal justice information revolution”. But to most who are posted on the website, it is an entirely different story.

If you have ever found your information on you are guaranteed to appear on BustedMugshots. Why? Because the same person owns both sites. Unethical? Yes. Illegal? No. Here’s why.

BustedMugshots is protected under the Freedom of Information Act, this act allows them to publicly display arrest records and mugshots. All arrests are public knowledge unless specified with an expunction order by a Judge.

“Our goal is transparency, not censorship of government information”. Do you agree?

Probably not if your information is actively displayed on BustedMugshots. Do not worries, here at RemovePersonalInformation we can have the content terminated without 72-hours or less! Call today, what do you have to lose?


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Don’t let BustedMugshots define you

RPI puts you in charge of your personal online reputation

Stand out!

Create a strong, online reputation to prevent attacks, negatives, and wrongfully led information

Promote the Good

Make sure your most important pages and posts are ranking high on Google.

Hide the negativity.

Suppress negative content down to the back pages of Google where nobody will ever see them.

How does BustedMugshots damage your "first-impression" with others?

Websites have the ability to completely tarnish individuals' reputations online

Over 80% of reports indicate false or misleading information. The internet is not fact checked.

- Digimind

92% of users never venture past the first page of Google.

- Moz Research

78% of adults claim it is imperative to do online research on an individuals’ reputation prior to engaging in a business relationship.

- Harris Interactive

What Remove Personal Information clients say

I was very stunned at how fast the content was removed. My attorney even tried for almost a year with no luck. RemovePersonalInformation did it in 3 days! I wish I would have called you sooner.

– Lindsey Greenefield

The Remove Personal Information Process

Analyze the Situation

With over a decade of experience in the online reputation management industry. Our knowledgeable specialists will cater to your every need to ensure your content is either removed or suppressed in a timely, but efficient manner.

Creation of Content

By creating high quality and engaging content we are able to gain traction quickly online. Flooding out the first page of Google is the goal.

Reviewing Curated Content

Before anything is published we send you all drafts so you may review and revise as needed. The last thing we would want to do is publish something you do not approve of.

Strategic Publishing

After approval, we place your article on over 300 media websites to ensure there is movement within Google, fast.

Optimizing Assets

After structuring your link profiles and metadata of your sites to push up the search results you like. Next, we promote pre-existing sites or the new content that is created.

Updating the Search Engines

To further ensure your articles hit home on Google we must notify them either via Google Search Console or the custom website’s sitemap.

Repositioning the Results

Although many removal solutions are completed within a week. Our suppression campaigns have an average duration of 3-6 months depending on the severity and volume of publications.

Reputation Monitoring

Once your information has been removed from BustedMugshots, we will continue to monitor your results to prevent any sort of reappearance.

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Yes, all removal efforts for BustedMugshots are completed (depending on the volume and severity) anywhere from 4 days to 6 months. 90% of removals are done within one week’s time.

Yes, if you would rather hide the article than remove it there are many tactics we take. Most already listed in the sections above include:

  • Content Creation
  • Content Management
  • SEO Optimization
  • Monitoring

Yes, if you are on BustedMugshots you are also on MugshotsOnline from what we have already learned. The average individual that gets arrested is published on about 5-10 distinct websites. We can remove from over 400 websites and counting. Call today for a FREE ANALYSIS.

Yes, all work is guaranteed. We have been removing content and mugshots from BustedMugshots for the past 5 years.

If there is any reason we cannot remove the mugshot, you will receive a refund in full with no questions asked.

Just because something is cheaper does not mean the quality of service is equal or better.

Here at RemovePersonalInformation, we utilize a strong team legal team alongside our reputation specialists in order to remove content from all these pesky mugshot websites.

If you can provide us with a proposal from another company who is also providing a guarantee, there is a high probably we will beat them. What do you have to lose? Call us today for more information.

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ORM strategies for more aggressive removals

If you have a mass amount of information online do not worry. We can work to remove any and all content deemed negative to you online. Speak with a professional today.