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Since all mugshots and arrest records listed on Gainesville Mugshots are considered public knowledge, not all records can be removed. Those who have had their cases expunged, dismissal or acquitted we can certainly assist.

We those who had to, unfortunately, plead guilty, our only option would be to suppress this content. Gainesville Mugshots is a county website that publishes arrest information so that the public can have easy access to those around them.

While many individuals view these as a public shaming, mugshot websites like Gainesville Mugshots and those similar believe they are doing the community, “a service”.

Let RemovePersonalInformation suppress or remove your information from Gainesville Mugshots today.

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Rise Above Gainesville Mugshots

In order to suppress or hide this article on Gainesville Mugshots we must create quality content via custom websites, social media and press releases in order to push that negative content off of the first page of Google.

Push the positive to the top!

By creating quality content on high authoritative websites we are given an excellent chance at quickly riding the first page of Google, Bing and Yahoo of your Gainesville Mugshots.

Flood Google

By pushing down the bad content we can completely restructure how you appear within Google. Gainesville Mugshots will be no more.

How does Gainesville Mugshots alter your online reputation?

Your online personal reputation is the driving force for whether you succeed or not.

Over 80% of reports online have been proven fictitious and completely false. When applying for a job this can be a detrimental negative impact you face.

- Digimind

92% of Google visitors never even venture past the first page of the results. In addition, even fewer scroll down past the fifth result.

- Moz Research

78% of individuals believe it is very important that you research another individual prior to meeting or conducting business with them.

- Harris Interactive

What Remove Personal Information clients have to say about Gainesville Mugshots

Seeing that this was a local newspaper I had my doubts. I did not have a dismissal document but my mugshot was on page 4 by the end of my campaign. Hopefully, I do not need to hire you guys again but if I do, I know who to call.
– Martin Kneeler

RemovePersonalInformation vs Gainesville Mugshots

Analzying the situation

Our reputation specialists have over a decade of experience working within the online reputation management space. Within a matter or a few days or months (depending on your campaign) we will successful suppress your Gainesville Mugshots. If not, you get your money right back! No risk.

Publishing Quality Content

Our team of content writers and SEO specialists will create content based on your situation and how many articles we are working to suppress.


Prior to any information being published, we will send you each individual article. This way you have the opportunity to edit and alter the publications to your liking. We would hate to publish something else you deem negative, so once you approve, we publish.


By publishing your article on roughly 300 websites this gives us the best probability of landing on Page 1 of Google.


Each custom website and social platform will be in compliance with the most up-to-date SEO tactics. This way we know your articles will rank high on Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Notifying Search Engines

Once anything new is published online you must notify each distinct search engines. After we publish a press release or new blog it is shared numerous times and fetched within Google’s search console along with each individual websites’ sitemap.

Restructuring the results

As time progresses Google will shift around your articles, we will monitoring and maintain the level of service initially provided if a negative article should resurface down the road.


To reiterate, we will monitor your search results for months after your campaign is finalized to make sure we accomplished the task set forth. Time to land that dream job!

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FAQs about Gainesville Mugshots

If you can provide the legal documentation that the case was dismissed or expunged we can certainly have any articles removed if they were not already.

For all others, the only option is to suppress Gainesville Mugshots.

In short, anything you want. As long as the information is factual and newsworthy, RemovePersonalInformation can write an article about how you coached basketball for your local youth center 15 years ago. The goal here is to make you look like an all-star online.

When you want to hide or suppress something online you must can so through the publishing of content. As the old saying goes, fight fire with fire. Eventually, with enough persistence, you will become to outrank that negative article from Gainesville Mugshots.

Depending on the scope of work and the allotted timeframe given from one of our reps, yes our work is 100% guaranteed.

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