ExecutivePrivacy for Cybersecurity

Safeguard against social engineering, spear-phishing and other corporate cyberattacks by removing sensitive personal information about your executive team from the Internet.

Good for Business, Good for your Executives

ExecutivePrivacy CS significantly strengthens your cybersecurity defenses while providing peace of mind to your executive team

Thwarts social engineering

We remove names, birthdates, addresses, phone numbers and other personal details commonly used to guess the answers to security questions or customize spear-phishing attacks. We also make you aware of potential social engineering approaches attackers might attempt.

Reduces physical threats

ExecutivePrivacy clients appreciate knowing that we remove their physical addresses from online records, making it that much harder for stalkers or disgruntled individuals to find them at home.

Protects personal IT

Can you be sure your executives don’t use the same passwords for personal and work email? That they never do business from personal devices? ExecutivePrivacy protects at the level of the individual, defending you against security vulnerabilities that start with personal IT.

Online privacy: the missing link in your cybersecurity strategy

The best security system in the world is only as good as its weakest link.ExecutivePrivacy for Cybersecurity complements your existing system hardening and user behavior training to safeguard against social engineering threats.

A typical ExecutivePrivacy audit uncovers over 300 elements of personal information per person scattered across the publicly accessible Internet.

$2.3 billion was stolen from businesses in 2016 via social engineering

84% of IT executives have seen a spear-phishing attack penetrate their company security

68% of funds lost through cyber attacks are declared unrecoverable
(Ponemon Institute)

33% of Fortune 500 executives have fallen for spear-phishing attacks
(Wombat Security)

ExecutivePrivacy CS Key Features

Privacy Scans

Regular privacy scans locate new threats and flag them for suppression

Data Removal

Personal data about key personnel purged from online data brokers

Custom Reporting

Personalized privacy reporting provided to protected individuals

Actionable Insights

Optionally, privacy insights provided to your security and IT teams

Privacy Concierge

Access to a privacy concierge for any questions, concerns or custom requests

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Privacy and security go hand in hand

Did you know that hackers can easily find the answers to the vast majority of common security questions online?ExecutivePrivacy cuts off many of these information sources, making your systems much more secure.
Mother’s maiden nameGreenbergPeople search sites
Father’s middle nameChristopherPeople search sites
City of birthSan FranciscoFacebook
High school attendedGalileo HSClassmate finder sites
Year graduated high school1990Classmate finder sites
High school mascotLionsWeb search
College attendedColumbia UniversityLinkedIn
Year graduated college1994LinkedIn
City where marriedMenlo ParkPeople search sites
Address history55 Bryant St, Palo Alto, CA
1163 Fulton St, Palo Alto, CA
33 E Villanova Dr, Claremont, CA
People search sites


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  • Tailored to your specific case

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Subscription options

ExecutivePrivacy CS Plus
ExecutivePrivacy CS Premium
Number of sources removed50+50+
Name variations protected88
Address variations protected1212
Phone numbers protected2020
Email addresses protected2020
Compliance audits of sites you’ve been removed fromquarterlymonthly
Personalized privacy reportsquarterlymonthly
Manual removal of info from challenging sites
Custom removal requests, when possible
Premium reporting analytics
Social media monitoring and audits
Deep Web monitoring and threat analysis
Recommendations for your security team (optional)

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