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Online Reputation FAQs

How do you fix my search results?

It’s about pushing up the good and pushing down the bad. The top page of search results has the biggest impact on your reputation, because over 90% of searchers never go beyond these items. Over 99% never go beyond page two.

To combat negative or misleading items on your first page, we create high-quality, positive content about you, then push it up in the search results using a range of reputation management strategies and technologies. As positive material goes up, negative material gets bumped down to pages where nobody will see it.

To learn more, check out our Remove Personal Information solution.

Can Remove Personal Information delete negative search results?

No. Deleting content against the wishes of the hosting site would require illegal hacking. It’s also very difficult to get content removed through legal channels—and to make things worse, legal efforts often draw even more attention to the initial problem. The best solution is to push down negative results so they won’t be seen.

What kind of content do you create?

Content is tailored to your specifications, but it is always professional, positive, and understated. We start off most RPI engagements with biographical writing. If additional content is required, we also publish articles, blog posts, and other types of supplemental content. In all cases, you get to review what we write before it goes online.

How does RPI decide what to write about me?

You supply the raw information you want to have discussed via our online dashboard, and our editorial team works from that material. You can also have information directly imported from your LinkedIn account.

Can’t I just do this myself?

It used to be possible in the early days of the Web, but it has become extremely difficult to do this on your own. Even if you are a prolific writer and have the time to create large volumes of Web content, you will need some professional help. Online reputation management is equally about how you publish materials—where, when, in what format, with which kinds of metadata, etcetera etcetera. Through painstaking research, we’ve discovered the most efficient way to do this.

How much does RPI search remediation cost?

The cost for a Remove Personal Information engagement is determined after an initial consultation with a reputation expert over the phone. Once our representative gets a handle on the situation, you will be provided with a quote. Different issues require different solutions, and therefore the cost varies accordingly. You can get a general idea of our pricing by visiting the RPI page

Are there types of cases you don't take?

We elect not to take on certain types of cases, especially when there is a risk of obscuring access to information of importance to the public. Examples include but are not limited to the following situations:

  • Court proceedings underway
  • Indictments for sexual or violent crimes
  • Crimes involving children
  • Felony fraud convictions

Why go with Remove Personal Information? has been in business since 2010. We were the first company in the online reputation management space. Our reputation is based on the results we provide, and no other reputation management firm can provide the same service as us.

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Privacy Protection FAQs

What does the free scan do?

The free scan provides you with access to a dashboard of tools that locate your information across the Web. It does this in three ways:

  1. Searching through people-search sites that display personal information (phone numbers, addresses, etc.)
  2. Finding individual pages that mention your name (using our patented algorithms)
  3. Combing your search results and appraising whether the results are negative or positive.

The free is a monitoring tool only, it does not remove or alter online information any way. For assistance in improving your online reputation or protecting your digital privacy, check out our full suite of personal products.

Where are they getting my information from anyway?

People-search sites use a lot of different resources to collect the information they display: public records, unprotected social media profiles, marketing databases, customer satisfaction surveys, lists of discount club members, and many more. For a more detailed explanation, see our Tips for Better Online Privacy.

How many people search sites do you remove from?

The Privacy PRO subscription level removes information from 22 people-search sites. Our ExecutivePrivacy subscriptions remove data from 61 sites. We also continually update and revise our list of removable sites in order to better protect you.

Also note that each removal can affect dozens of other sites, because many people-search sites are “aggregators,” meaning that they don’t host their own information but instead pull from other sources.

How long does it take to remove from people-search sites?

Once your information is located by our scans, we flag the information for removal immediately. Depending on the site and how effective their removal processes are, the information can take one to four weeks to disappear entirely.

Why are your privacy offerings subscription-based?

People-search sites and data brokers are continuously looking for a reason to re-add you to their databases, even if you’ve previously opted out. Every time a new piece of information with a slight variation shows up, they will recreate your records and the opt-out process starts over again. That’s why we monitor your privacy continuously, issuing new opt-out requests whenever needed.

What is the difference between your privacy offerings?

The Privacy PRO subscription level is an entirely automated privacy and monitoring solution. Your subscription grants you access to an online dashboard where you can manage your information and issue opt-out requests on your own, with one or two clicks. The ExecutivePrivacy subscription level includes all of that, but it also includes oversight and manual data removal by an experienced account manager. We submit all the removal requests for you, and we also provide customized reporting and telephone access for any questions or concerns.

Why do you ask for so much of my information?

We have to know what we’re looking for in order to remove it. We maintain strict, military-grade security protocols to ensure the protection of any information you provide us. Your data is only accessible to the people who need to have access, and everything is fully encrypted and secure at every step of the way.

Why do you need an image of my ID for Executive Privacy?

Some databases require confirmation of a requester’s identity before they take down information. We black out all unnecessary information and only send people-search sites the bare minimum required to remove your data.

Do I have to provide you with access to my financial information?

No. We offer several credit monitoring features as part of your subscription, but their use is optional. If you don’t want to use them, you don’t need to provide any financial information. However, if you do want access to our credit monitoring tools, rest assured that our servers are protected by rigorous, military-grade security protocols. You can read more about how we protect your data on our Security FAQ.

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