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Can You Remove Information from MyLife?

Can you remove information from MyLife? Yes! Speak with a MyLife Removal Expert today to get started.


MyLife is an organization that makes personal and private information about people their stock and trade. The organization gathers information about people through public records and other resources to create a “public page” for the person. People who value privacy often wonder how they can remove information from MyLife.


Some people believe that personal information on MyLife is no big deal. The Federal Trade Commission Consumer Information website recently reported about a lawsuit against the MyLife organization, however.


The lawsuit alleges that MyLife, in a bid to sell more background checks, created teaser reports suggesting that people who had no such records had one or more of the following:


  • Criminal records
  • Traffic violations
  • Sex offender records


This deceptive practice, alleging criminal records that do not exist, can be damaging to reputations, especially for those who are doing cursory checks only. Without subscribing to the service, for instance, no one would know that the allegations are false.


The lawsuit against MyLife goes beyond the misleading information the organization implies. It also alleges that MyLife:


  • Fails to take reasonable steps to ensure accurate background reporting.
  • Violates the Fair Credit Reporting Act.
  • Uses misleading billing practices.
  • Violates the Restore Online Shoppers’ Confidence Act.
  • Refuses refunds and discourages cancellations in violation of the Telemarketing Sales Rule.


Ok. So, why are the charges against MyLife important?

MyLife uses misleading practices that can hurt job prospects, housing applications, loan approvals and your personal reputation. That is why it is so important to go through the process to remove information from MyLife – so their deceptive practices cannot have a negative impact on your life.


According to USA Today, MyLife uses scare tactics to “encourage” people to join just to see what information the site has on them, citing that there may be public records of bankruptcies, liens, sex offender notifications, or even eviction reports. The only way to know for sure was to sign up for a subscription.


Then once you join, you have to call the organization to request that your information be removed from the site. Adding insult to injury, you must then verify your current address, date of birth, and other personal information, ensuring their information on you is current and up-to-date.


Even after all that, the result isn’t an immediate removal of misleading personal information. And that is something that has people concerned. It is also the root of several lawsuits against the MyLife organization.


Plus, canceling your subscription is problematic as well. To some extent, California state laws help protect consumers from sites like MyLife. Other states, thus far, have not taken up the mantle to protect consumers and there are no federal laws regulating data collection and the sale of personal data in this manner.


Now that you understand what MyLife is and how unscrupulous their actions happen to be, it is time to learn what you can do to remove information from MyLife about yourself.


How to Remove Information from MyLife

It’s hard to imagine that there are websites that exist for the sole purpose of selling personal information about people. They gather this information from a variety of sources, including:


  • Court records
  • Public information
  • Employment histories
  • College records
  • Voter registration records
  • DMV records
  • Social media profiles
  • Newspapers


Once they have this information, MyLife creates a “reputation profile” on you and sells that to anyone seeking access. They’ll even sell your personal information to you. Well, after they’ve secured more information about you for their records. It is alarming how much information is readily available for enterprising people to find on you via the World Wide Web.


Websites, like MyLife, make it even easier. No one even needs to do the leg work. They just need to pay a fee for the services. Then, they have access to massive amounts of information about people from all walks of life.


So, how do you stop organizations like this in their tracks, so they can’t display your private and personal information without your permission?


Sharing your information on social media is one thing. You understand that you’re sharing that information. It’s the permission you gave when you signed up. You did not sign up with MyLife. Your best option to protect yourself is to remove information from MyLife as quickly as possible.


Steps to Remove Information from MyLife

Initially, the only way to remove information from MyLife was via telephone. It appears that is no longer the case as you do have the option to email for removal. Below are the steps to remove your personal information from MyLife via phone call and by email.


Removing MyLife Information by Phone

  1. Call MyLife between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. (Pacific).
  2. Dial 888-704-1900
  3. Obtain a reference number before hanging up.


Once complete, removal will likely take between 7 and 10 business days to complete. Hang on to your reference number until the information removal is complete. If it’s not removed within the stated time frame, call MyLife and restart the process.


Removing MyLife Information by Email

Tip: Before you begin the process of removing your MyLife information via email, consider creating a “throwaway” email account. Use this email when connecting with MyLife and other similar types of organizations concerning account removals – just in case they sell your email address to SPAM agencies.


Send an email request to MyLife at [email protected]. Include the URL for your specific MyLife.com profile so they remove the correct person’s information.


There is no guarantee that either of these acts will result in the removal of your information from MyLife. In fact, many have complained that upon requesting removal they were informed that the organization is unable to comply with the requests as it is a matter of public record.


Fortunately, hope is not lost. While some have decided to launch lawsuits against the organization for their acts, there are still other avenues available to you to remove your information without resorting to costly legal action.


Overcoming MyLife Objections to Removing Your Information

Sometimes you may need to resort to the threat of legal action to get the wheels rolling in your favor. If you received an email denying your request to remove your information, respond to that email notifying that:


  • You are keeping a copy of their email to you as a record of their refusal to remove information about you from their website.
  • The information on their site contains false or misleading information about you.
  • Their “reputation score” is based on inaccurate data for their financial benefit. This constitutes defamation of your good name and a violation of your privacy.
  • If they do not remove your profile and personal data, you will be forced to take legal action.


Once you’ve sent this email, it is up to you to monitor what happens next and take the next step you deem appropriate.


It is worth noting that getting your personal information removed from sites like MyLife is a time-consuming process. Unfortunately, there are many similar sites on the web that employ the same deceptive and misleading practices to sell their products (your private information). You will have to repeat the process, no matter how time-consuming, for each one, to get your information removed.


Stop spending your valuable time digging through the worst the Web has to offer. Contact Remove Personal Information today and let us deal with the hassle of removing your information from MyLife and other similar websites.

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