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Cheaterland Removal: Everything You Need to Fix Your Online Reputation

Cheaterland doesn’t get as much traffic as other, similar sites. However, that doesn’t mean you should ignore Cheaterland removal options if your name is listed on the web site.


What is Cheaterland?

Cheaterland started out as LiarsandCheatersRUs.com in 2010. It was banned in the United States five years later but reopened as Cheaterland.com post that same year.


Cheaterland, as the name implies, is a grievance site for people who feel they’ve been cheated on by a spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, or lover. The stated purpose is to warn others about potential heartbreakers. However, anyone can say literally anything about anyone on the site.


A person who went through a nasty divorce can use the site to badmouth an angry ex. An abusive ex-spouse can use the site to slander a former partner. Someone who feels slighted that a crush didn’t respond to his/her advances can use the site to get revenge.


It gets worse. A competitor can use the site to ruin your reputation. Some people post misinformation on the site just for fun. While the site was originally created to expose cheaters, it’s now misused in many ways.


Cheaterland does not check any of the information posted on its site for accuracy. It makes no attempt to ensure people aren’t being smeared. Rather, cheater website on the site covers for posters by stating that it’s not responsible for third-party content.

Is Cheaterland Legal?

Unfortunately, sites that allow third-party content don’t have to take legal responsibility for that content. Cheaterland, like Facebook and Twitter, can’t be sued over what one person said about another person.

What Harm Can a Cheaterland Post Do?

By one estimate, Cheaterland gets fewer than 250 visits a day. However, this number can vary as the site rises and falls in popularity over time.


It may seem that Cheaterland posts don’t get much attention. However, looks can be deceiving. If your name and personal information are listed on Cheaterland, you’ll want to get it taken down as soon as possible.


Reasons to remove Cheaterland posts:


1. Companies regularly use the internet to screen job candidates.

If your name and image are on Cheaterland, it won’t be hard for an HR department to find it. In such instances, you’ll likely be passed over for someone who doesn’t have a negative online profile.


2. A landlord may look you up online before allowing you to rent his or her home.

If your Cheaterland profile makes you out to be unethical or even downright dangerous, you could be passed over in favor of another tenant with a clean online history.


3. An educational institution may be hesitant to grant admission to students who have a history of unethical behavior.

This is especially true if you’re trying to get into a high-end college or university.


4. A potential partner may look you up online and stumble on the post.

The accusations leveled against you could ruin a future relationship.


5. Your older children, spouse, or even other family members could be harassed or bullied due to the accusations made against you.

Although unfortunate, online harassment is not uncommon.


6. Cheaterland profiles often list names, addresses, social media handles, and other personal information.

This information can be misused by hackers to steal your identity and/or gain access to your computer or mobile phone.


All it takes is one visit by one person to totally ruin your life. Don’t allow it to happen to you. Your reputation and future are valuable; guard them by removing negative content as quickly as possible.

Can I Have a Cheaterland Post Removed without Professional Help?

Cheaterland has the right to run a gossip website for vengeful people who can’t get over a relationship gone sour. That doesn’t mean you can’t take action against it to have your posts taken down. However, it does mean you can’t go it alone.


Cheaterland does not have a page allowing victims to request the removal of damaging information. What’s more, the site has made it clear to users that it won’t remove posts without a court order.


In short, you’ll need professional help to take down a Cheaterland post. The good news is, a savvy professional can get your post removed in short order. This limits the long-term damage done to your online reputation.


Don’t try to contact Cheaterland on your own. Doing so is pointless as the site has no reason to listen to your concerns.

Can I Take Legal Action Against Cheaterland?

You can’t sue Cheaterland for allowing a vengeful ex to post negative private information about you. However, you can get a court order forcing Cheaterland to take down the post. You can also sue the person who put up the post in the first place.


Talk to a lawyer about taking legal action against a Cheaterland post. Some factors that will affect your case include:


  • State law. The Statute of Limitations varies from state to state.
  • The particulars of your case. If you’re guilty of what you’ve been accused of on Cheaterland, you’ll have a hard time making a case.
  • Knowing who authored the post. Authors often remain anonymous on Cheaterland. You may need a court order to unmask the author’s name before you can take legal action.


Legal action may result in compensation if a malicious, slanderous Cheaterland post harmed your reputation. The person who put up the cheater land post can be ordered by the court to pay damages. This is true if you can show:


  • A Cheaterland post cost you a job, educational opportunity, or promotion.
  • You endured physical, emotional, and psychological harm as a result of the post.
  • The person who put up the post knowingly lied about you.


Furthermore, taking legal action against a Cheaterland post can help you get a court order that will force Cheaterland to remove your post permanently. Unfortunately, it can be time-consuming to get a court order in your favor. In the meantime, the post remains in place.


It’s a good idea to hire a professional removal service even if you do decide to take legal action. Doing so protects your online reputation while legal action is pending.

Can I Send a DMCA Takedown Request to Cheaterland?

The DMCA clarifies how copyright law works on the internet. You may use DMCA to remove portions of your content from Cheaterland.com or post from the site. These portions may include your photo, contact information, and the names of family members and friends.


While the post may remain in place, the lack of a photo and personal information can make it hard for someone to identify you. This is especially true if you have a fairly common name.


Talk to a lawyer about sending a DMCA takedown request to cheaterland.com removal. You’ll need legal help to ensure you get it right. What’s more, your letter will carry more weight with Cheaterland if it comes from a lawyer.

Is Content Suppression a Good Alternative to Content Removal?

Content suppression is not the same as content removal. Don’t settle for a firm that will only suppress your content and not remove it altogether.


Content suppression is effective to a certain degree. It will make it difficult for someone to find a malicious Cheaterland post. However, it won’t remove content from the post altogether.


A person who does an in-depth search for your name online can still find the Cheaterland post. He or she can then tell others about it. Content suppression on its own leaves your personal reputation more vulnerable to attack.

What Does a Professional Removal Service Do?

An alternative to seeking legal help is to hire a professional removal service to handle Cheaterland removal on your behalf.


A professional removal service typically does not offer legal assistance in court. But it can:

  • Comb through the site to find all the posts with your name and information
  • Analyze the particulars of your case to identify the best way to remove harmful information
  • Contact Cheaterland directly and remove your information as fast as possible
  • Monitor the internet to ensure negative posts don’t re-appear on Cheaterland
  • Monitor the internet to identify and remove Cheaterland content – and similar site content – as quickly as possible.


Additionally, many companies offering professional removal services, such as online defamation can also offer online reputation management. Such a firm can help you rebuild your online reputation by posting and promoting positive content online.

How Long Does It Take to Remove a Cheaterland Post?

Removal time varies depending on where you live, the nature of the post, and the way in which you go about having it removed. Remove Personal Information can have most, or all posts removed or taken down in five business days.

Guaranteed Cheaterland Removal from Remove Personal Information

Remove Personal Information has extensive experience removing negative content from people-search engine websites. We handle Cheaterland removal along with a host of other services to protect your long-term online reputation.


We offer a free, comprehensive analysis to anyone who is thinking about using our services. Our analysis includes information about your removal request along with:

  • Tips on how to establish a positive online reputation
  • Help for business owners and entrepreneurs who need positive online reviews


We guarantee our services 100%. If the post doesn’t come down, you don’t pay.


And: we maintain a high standard of confidentiality. No-one will know that we’re working with you to improve your online reputation.


Don’t allow a malicious post to ruin your life now and in the future. Contact Our Removal Team today to get negative Cheaterland content removed as quickly as possible.

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