Get the latest on how to remove info from Whitepages and restore your privacy today

How to Remove Info From Whitepages and Restore Your Online Privacy

Wondering how to remove info from Whitepages? Our Removal Team provides the answers you need to restore your online privacy today.


Whitepages is a popular online directory that makes it easy to look up information on someone – their phone numbers, addresses, relatives, and any public legal records that they may have. Unfortunately, sometimes Whitepages makes this a little too easy: Your information is automatically collected and added, and there’s no guarantee that it’s accurate (especially if the service got you confused with someone who may have the same name or similar address).


As a result, people interested in online privacy or accuracy may want to delete any information that Whitepages had gathered about them – although it’s not immediately clear how. This FAQ goes over the common questions about how to remove info from Whitepages and everything else you should know.

How Do I Know What Information Whitepages Has on Me?

Whitepages has two different services, a free version that anyone can use, and a premium version with a subscription fee that promises more information (we’ll answer common questions about the premium service below). That means that the easiest way to check your information on Whitepages is to simply visit the site and type your name in.


Find the selection that matches your name and information – this is also the best way to check if your information on Whitepages is accurate, even if you aren’t sure you are ready to learn how to remove info from Whitepages.


Whitepages has a separate URL, a distinct webpage, for every profile – this will be important later. Keep in mind that anyone else can also see the information posted on this profile page, and that bots can automatically crawl websites like Whitepages and collect that data for various uses: That’s why people interested in privacy want a way to remove it!


If you are interested in learning how and why Whitepages collects this data, they have a policy page explaining it here. Basically, if you create an account with Whitepages, you can use that account to change data, and your data can be collected by third parties, including large companies Google or Amazon.

How Do I Contact Whitepages About Removing My Information?

If you have a Whitepages account already, one of the most effective methods is to simply contact Whitepages support and ask that your profile be removed. They will often be able to delete information directly, or at least point you toward the most effective methods.


If you don’t have an account and aren’t interested in creating one, here’s how to remove info from Whitepages without signing up: Go to this Whitepages opt out page. Here you will see a web form to paste in a URL. Remember how we said every Whitepages profile has its own separate URL? This is why! Copy the URL from your specific webpage (double-check to make sure it’s really your own, even if some of the information appears to be wrong), and paste it in the form on this webpage and select Next.


Unfortunately, opting out is far from that simple. Let’s take a look at what Whitepages will have you do next.

How Do I Verify My Identity with Whitepages?

When you paste in the URL you want removed from Whitepages, the website will ask if you are sure, and then ask you to fill out a reason why you want the information removed. It doesn’t matter what reason you choose, Whitepages just wants this information to gather data on online habits and privacy.


Now Whitepages will tell you that it needs to verify this profile is actually you. Whitepages does this so that random people can’t just remove any information from the site that they want. If you want to know how to remove info from Whitepages, you’ll have to convince them that the profile page really does belong to you.


Whitepage’s verification process will start by asking for your phone number, and will give you an option to Call now to Verify. Make sure you have your phone handy and enough time to complete this process, then select the Call now option – this is the fastest way to remove a profile. Now two important things will happen: You will be taken to a new page with a specific verification code, and you will get an automated robocall on your phone.


It’s important that you immediately answer the robocall: Don’t let it go to voicemail! If you don’t seem to be getting a call on your phone, it may have been blocked by a call blocker or spam notification app, which you’ll have to disable to allow the call to go through.

How to Remove Info from Whitepages

When you answer the robocall from Whitepages, go through the simple steps that the robocall will describe. When asked, enter the verification number that you see on the Whitepages webpage. The robocall should then verify that your request to remove information has been processed and will be completed.


This does not happen immediately! It can take a couple of days for Whitepages to actually remove the data. That’s why it’s a good idea to keep checking your profile page until you are sure that the information has been removed. If it’s been three days and your information is still present, we suggest contacting Whitepages support and letting them know that it isn’t gone yet.

What About Information on Whitepages Premium?

While we have covered how to remove info from Whitepages quickly, this process only applies to the free version of the site. That’s right – the Whitepages premium version, which requires a subscription fee, will still keep all your information, including information that’s not available on the free side of the website. The opt-out process will only remove information that casual users and bots can see: The rest is all still there, and Whitepages makes it harder to get rid of profile data on their premium side.


The good news is that while it’s harder, there’s still a way: You need access to your Premium profile page, which means you have to sign up and create a Whitepages account. Look for any free trials or discounts that Whitepages may be offering so you can avoid paying a fee and get this done for free, then cancel your Premium membership entirely.


When you are signed up, you can go to your profile page on Whitepages and select View Full Report to access all the Premium information. While in the Full Report version, copy the current URL.


Now visit this support ticket page on Whitepages, and choose the option I Need to Edit or Remove a Listing. Whitepages will give you a page of information to fill out, including (ironically) your name and other personal information. When providing the listing URL, make sure you paste in the URL for the full Premium version of your profile. When filling out the description for your request, be very specific that you want the Premium version of your Whitepages profile fully removed.


When finished, submit the form and wait for Whitepages to take action. Again, this can take a few days to actually be implemented, so keep an eye on your profile and if nothing happens after several days, contact support directly and explain your problem.

Can I Also Remove Information on Directories Similar to Whitepages?

The above steps are how to remove info from Whitepages effectively, but remember if Whitepages has collected your personal data, other online directories have done the same thing. Popular sites like Family Tree Now and Spokeo will have very similar profiles with information collected just like Whitepages did.


If you really are interested in protecting your online privacy, it’s a good idea to check out sites like these and look at their own opt-out procedures. These directories all have some form of opt-out tool that you can use, although you may have to search for it or contact support to find it.

Need help with removal?

If removing your information from databases is starting to be a headache, we can help! Contact our Info Removal Team to learn more and protect your online privacy today!

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