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How to Remove Information from Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate is a public records website that lists personal information for millions of people. However, you can remove personal information from Instant Checkmate by following the steps listed below.

What are the dangers of leaving information on Instant Checkmate?

Ever been arrested? If so, you have good reason to remove your personal information. This is because no matter the status of your case (charges dropped, acquittal, etc.) Instant Checkmate lists your arrest information anyway.


If you’ve been the victim of domestic abuse, you probably don’t want people knowing your current address. You also don’t want people to know if you have a firearms license (or not). Instant Checkmate makes this information public.


Instant Checkmate puts your corporate affiliations, names of relations, email address, phone number, physical address, social media information, and other information up for grabs. This information is commonly used by cybercriminals to gain access to your bank account. In fact, many use this info to harass individuals (or relatives of individuals) who donate to political figures or causes.


Additionally, many use Instant Checkmate information to discriminate against people based on their family life, political beliefs, sexual orientation, or other criteria. The site clearly states that Instant Checkmate may not be used for such purposes. However, there is no way Instant Checkmate can discern the reason why a user is looking up someone’s record.


Thankfully, it’s not too hard to remove information from Instant Checkmate. Here is some information to get you on the right track.

How did Instant Checkmate collect so much information about me?

Instant Checkmate uses several tools to collect information about people. The most commonly used ones are:


  • Software tools that scrape the internet for public records and other sources of personal information
  • Local records offices
  • Other, similar sites. Unfortunately, Instant Checkmate is not the only personal records site. There are others like it. These sites scrape information from each other to complete their own databases. This means that you’ll need to not only remove information from Instant Checkmate but also other, similar websites.

Is Instant Checkmate even legal?

Sadly, Instant Checkmate is entirely legal. There are no laws against collecting public information and making it readily available online. The information is in the public domain, which means you don’t own the rights to it.


The good news is that Instant Checkmate can’t keep your information listed on its site once you request removal. The law requires Instant Checkmate to provide an opt-out process. This means that people who value their privacy can have their records removed without undue hassle.

What’s the fastest way to remove information from Instant Checkmate?

First, go to the Instant Checkmate website and look up your name. You have to give personal information to remove records from the site, so you want to make sure your information is listed there in the first place.


Check all listings that look like they may be yours. Some listings appear more than once.

Next, go to the Instant Checkmate opt-out page and fill out the form. Provide the personal information the form is asking for. This information helps the company find your record without undue delay.


And last but not least, submit the form. You’ll get an email back from the company confirming your request to remove the records. Check both your inbox and the spam folder to make sure you complete the removal process.

How long does it take to remove information from Instant Checkmate?

More often than not, Instant Checkmate removes your information within 48 hours of your request. However, some users have complained that the process can take up to a couple of weeks.


It’s a good idea to check the site in a few days to make sure it’s gone. If it’s still there, fill out another opt-out form. If nothing happens, you can look into taking legal action.

Do I have to pay to remove my personal information?

You do not have to pay Instant Checkmate to remove your information.


However, there are branding companies that will remove information from Instant Checkmate. These sites also offer other services to keep your information safe. If you opt to use a professional service, you’ll need to pay the required fee.


Professional removal costs vary depending on which company you work with. Your geographic location and services provided will also impact the final price tag.

Is the removal permanent? What happens if my information crops up on Instant Checkmate again?

No. Instant Checkmate will remove your personal information when asked to do so. But it cannot guarantee that your information won’t reappear on the site.


Generally speaking, it’s probable your information will be relisted in three to four months. If your personal information changes, it’s likely that it will be listed on Instant Checkmate fairly quickly.


Check the site periodically for your information. Follow the instructions above as often as needed to keep your information private.


Bear in mind that your name may remain listed as the relative of someone else who has a profile on Instant Checkmate. To remove this information, you may consider asking friends and family members to take down their listings.

Can I use Instant Checkmate even if I’ve removed my information in the past?

Yes. You can use either the free or premium version of Instant Checkmate even if you’ve had your personal information removed in the past.

Remove Information from Instant Checkmate Quickly, Easily, and For Good

A recent survey found that nearly two-thirds of Americans feel it’s not possible to go about daily life without having their personal data collected. However, more than 80% of American adults feel the risks of data collection outweigh any benefits.


There are many ways people can misuse your personal information. That’s why you should work with a professional firm instead of trying to remove your personal information from Instant Checkmate on your own.


A company that specializes in listing removals will do more than just pull your information from Instant Checkmate. A good service will:


  • Search your name and information on Google. Doing so helps you find all the public records sites, not just one.
  • Have your name and records removed from all public records sites. This stops Instant Checkmate from finding and reloading your information on its site
  • Monitor the web for your personal information. If it does crop up again, you’ll have professional help in removing the information

Why Work with Us

There are many companies that promise to remove personal information from the web. Unfortunately, some firms partner with data-aggregates and other sites, making it harder to remove personal information when you need to most.


If you use the wrong company, you could be paying a public records service to have your information temporarily removed. In such cases, your info will likely crop up again in the future.


Our team of dedicated professionals does not associate with Instant Checkmate or any other public records website. We have experience removing all types of personal information from all types of public records websites.


We work quickly and thoroughly. We’ll find all your information on Instant Checkmate and other sites. Then, we begin the removal process.


The battle isn’t over once it’s gone. That’s why we monitor your personal information to ensure it doesn’t reappear on the web. If it does, we’ll have it immediately taken down before it’s scraped by personal records websites.


Get in touch with us to learn more about our services. We look forward to protecting your information from prying eyes, so you can lead a happy, successful life.

Remove Your Personal Information from the Web Today!

Want to remove information from Instant Checkmate immediately? Would you like a guarantee it will never reappear? We offer expert help in keeping your private information safe at all times. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.


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