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Stand out of the pack

By creating quality and powerful content online we have the ability to suppress even the worst of websites. The goal here is to appear on page one of Google.

Headline your talents

For personal use, we see social media as a powerful influence on the way others perceive you online. Say goodbye to “first-impressions”

Suppress the bad

If removing information is not an option we will work with various publishers to ensure you get rid of any negative articles or images online.

What do people see about you when they search on Google?

Is it positive? If not, do not worry RPI has your back.

Over 80% of individual reputations are tarnished due to false or misleading information on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

- Digimind

Many studies show that 92% of Google visitors never stray from the first page. Most never choose below the fifth result (paid or organic)

- Moz Research

78% of citizens in the United States claim that they research another individual prior to making any plans or business relationships.

- Harris Interactive

Take it from out clients!

After about a month all the negative information about me was removed. It is such a great feeling to be able to start over without having others judge you before you even met. Thank you, RPI!
– Tia Bernard

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Our Process at RPI

Analyze the Situation

Over the past decade, our reputation specialists have perfected the way information is removed or suppress online. After calling in and speaking to your personal project manager we will provide you with a complete and compiled listing of the websites showing your negative articles or images.

Making Content

In order to hide/suppress any negative information online, we must outrank that particular website within Google. By targeting keywords and using images we quickly move your new articles up the search results.

Reviewing the Articles

Before any content is published by RPI you will receive an email with any and all drafts that are pending. After you edit and approve them to your liking we publish.

Article Placement

Depending on your Press Release schedule and plan, all articles are published to sites such as Digital Journal, Boston Globe, Yahoo Finance, and more many (+300).

Letting Google Know

Any time new content is released online that webmaster must notify Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Once this is down you will begin to see the magic work as your new articles start ranking on page 1!

Reordering Existing Results

As time goes on, your article will move around (up and down). We ensure the placement will stick to the first page of Google by releasing lots of content. This acts as a safety net to protect you from the negative article/image.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It all depends on the particular website you are seeking a removal from. Most websites will comply if we can provide any legal documents that may discredit their article.

Overall, it is generally very difficult to remove an article from a local newspaper or mugshot from a county office. After discussing what websites you are on, your reputation specialist will let you know if we can or cannot remove. All solutions are 100% guaranteed, meaning we do not take on projects we know we cannot complete.

The content that we create is completely up to you. As long as the content is indeed factual and newsworthy, we have no problem publishing a Press Release about how you coached the local youth basketball team 10 years ago.

The goal is to make you look like an All-Star online.

If you are seeking to be completely removed from the internet we can certainly help. This is done via our background removal, but in reality you cannot pick and choose what is online. This changes with RPI.

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