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Shesahomewrecker Removal: Everything You Need to Know

A good online reputation is a must in today’s digital world. If your name is listed on the Shesahomewrecker website, now is the time to find out about Shesahomewrecker removal in order to protect your future and dignity.


What is Shesahomewrecker?

Shesahomewrecker is a gossip website allowing anyone over 14 to post accusations of adultery, spouse-stealing, etc. Ex-spouses, former lovers, and ex-boyfriends/girlfriends feature prominently on the site, along with lurid allegations and plenty of name-calling.


Shesahomewrecker does not add any content of its own. Look into the allegations to determine which are true and false, or to edit information to ensure its accuracy.


Unfortunately, the site doesn’t just list allegations. Posts can also include information such as:


  • Photo
  • Full legal name
  • Address
  • Workplace
  • Name of family members of accused individuals


More than one person can post negative information about you on the site. Alternatively, the same person can post more than one nasty post about you. You may find a number of posts with different information if you changed your name, address or job.

Is Shesahomewrecker Legal?

Shesahomewrecker is technically legal because the Constitution protects free speech. If you’ve cheated on someone or engaged in an affair, a vengeful ex can go online and say nasty things about you without facing automatic consequences.


What’s more, it’s legal for Shesahomewrecker to publish this information. This is because Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act states that sites can’t be held liable for third-party content. Because Shesahomewrecker isn’t writing up the posts, it’s not responsible for what others say about you.


Shesahomewrecker makes it clear in its Terms of Service page that all posts must be factually accurate. Users may not post misleading or patently false content.


However, the site doesn’t check information to ensure its accuracy. It also offers no protection to those who may be slandered, unless they take action to have their posts removed. A Terms of Service disclaimer won’t deter a vengeful person who wants to destroy your life at all costs.

Is Shesahomewrecker removal worth the hassle?

Perhaps you don’t want an unsavory incident from your past blown way out of proportion. Alternatively, maybe someone slandered you on Shesahomewrecker, but your family members and immediate friends know the truth.


Maybe the malicious Shesahomewrecker post isn’t affecting your day-to-day life. Do you really need to bother with Shesahomewrecker removal?


Yes, you do. A growing number of companies, institutions, and even regular individuals turn to the internet to find information about people. These people may not know you well enough to know that you are trustworthy and honest.


What are the consequences of a bad Shesahomewrecker post?

A negative Shesahomewrecker can:


Cost you a job

Potential employers aren’t moral police, but they do want people they can trust to be honest and ethical. The HR department won’t take the time to find out if the information is accurate. This is particularly true when there are plenty of qualified candidates for the job opening.


Cost you a raise

Your boss may not be able to fire you over a Shesahomewrecker post. But he or she may be hesitant to give you a raise if there is negative information online about you.


Ruin your business

You can’t be fired if you own your own business. But customers who learn of adultery, extortion, and/or other allegations may reject your company or your services on the web.


Make it hard to rent a home

Homeowners want reliable, honest tenants. So, it’s not surprising that they would look you up online to see if they can trust you. A Shesahomewrecker can make it hard to find housing in an area with limited options.


Close off educational opportunities

Universities and colleges are often reluctant to admit students who have engaged in misconduct or caused personal harm to others.


Lead to identity theft

Cybercriminals always seek out personal information to use against you. Or, in many cases, to commit fraud and resell that info on the dark web.


Lead to harassment of family members

Your teens and/or your spouse may be harassed or even bullied over information contained in a Shesahomewrecker post.

Do I need to go to court for Shesahomewrecker removal?

A lot of websites recommend going to court to have posts removed. This is time-consuming but can be highly effective. With a court order in hand, you can force Shesahomewrecker to remove a negative post immediately. What’s more, the order prevents those posts from hurting you in the future.


Here are some things you should know about getting a court order to remove Shesahomewrecker content:


  • You can’t sue Shesahomewrecker. But you can sue the person who put up the post if it is false and caused you harm. So, when a jealous ex alleges you hurt her, and your boss views this post and fires you from your job, you can sue your ex to remove the post immediately.
  • Shesahomewrecker requires posters to provide the site with their legal name and a valid email address. However, this information doesn’t show up automatically. In some cases, you can identify the person who created the post from the content of the post. In other instances, you will have to take Shesahomewrecker to court in order to unmask the name of your accuser. Unmasking takes time; in the meantime, the post stays up and visible to anyone.


In short, getting a court order isn’t a bad idea if you have the time and resources to do so. But it shouldn’t be your first course of action. There are faster ways to remove content to protect your online reputation.

What is the DMCA?

A fairly fast yet highly effective way to remove a Shesahomewrecker post  is to file a DMCA takedown notice


DMCA stands for Digital Millennium Copyright Act, and the law is meant to protect copyrighted information from infringement. The DMCA covers your photo and contact information, which means you may file a DMCA takedown request with Shesahomewrecker to remove the information.


Unfortunately, a DMCA doesn’t guarantee that Shesahomewrecker will take down all your personal information. Fair Use laws say that sites may use some copyrighted information without a copyright holder’s permission, in certain instances. What’s more, Shesahomewrecker has made it clear that it’s not keen to delete information from its site.


However, if properly worded, a DMCA takedown order can help you get your photo and contact information off the site. While your name and the allegations would remain listed, it would be hard to identify you from the post, especially if your name is fairly common, you’ve moved to a new address, and/or the person doesn’t know much about your personal history.


Alternatively, you can file a DMCA takedown notice with Google and other search engines. If Google grants your request, the post will not show up in search engine results when people search your name.

What do Professional Removal Services Do?

Professional Shesahomewrecker removal services handle the hard, painful, time-consuming work of having a Shesahomewrecker post removed. It costs money to hire a professional service, but the end result is more than worth it as the post will be removed faster than you could get it taken down on your own.


To remove a Shesahomewrecker post, a legal service will:


  • Use your name and personal information to identify any and all posts about you on the Shesahomewrecker website
  • Make a list of the URLs for these posts
  • File DMCA requests with Shesahomewrecker and search engines to have the offending content removed
  • Monitor the internet to ensure the post doesn’t crop up again


Removal services should not be confused with suppression services. Online reputation companies will often try to suppress negative information about you online by creating positive information about you. Information suppression does work to some extent, as it makes it hard for people to immediately see negative content from sites such as Shesahomewrecker.


However, the negative information is still on the internet and can be found by anyone who does a comprehensive search.


Make sure the professional service you work with offers guaranteed removal services. You want all negative allegations against you taken down from Shesahomewrecker for good. Don’t settle for less than the best.

Introducing Shesahomewrecker Removal Solutions from Remove Personal Information

Remove Personal Information has nearly ten years of experience removing information from slanderous websites. We offer a free initial analysis to all clients to help you understand what you’re up against and how long it will take to have information removed.


We also offer flexible payment plans to make it easy for you to have negative information removed even if you have a limited budget. What’s more, we also partner with lawyers throughout the nation to help you get fast, effective legal help when warranted.


Are you ready to boost your online reputation and protect your personal information, family, and future?


Contact our Removal team for a fast, effective Shesahomewrecker removal solution to protects your reputation online.

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