Online Embarrassment

Online Embarrassment

How to Protect Yourself Against Online Embarrassment

Protect yourself from online embarrassment with online reputation. Discover how to control your individual information on sites such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Slipping into the pit of publishing inappropriate content online is all too simple. This may be anything from being tagged in an inappropriate image on Facebook or becoming immersed in a heated Twitter debate. 


As fun as it may seem at the time, the truth is it may come back to haunt you in your future. Employers, colleges, and even legal entities are all able to find subject matter that you have posted in the past.

Which is why it is important to develop a plan to defend yourself from online embarrassment.

Before you form a thorough strategy, it is essential to understand how your online post can come back to bother you. Managing a positive reputation online will lessen the abundance of bad reviews you respond to.


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Impacts of Social Media Posts

Your online posts are essentially inoffensive – till they end up in the wrong hands. Businesses look up the names of possible new hires and even current employees on an annual basis. If they find something objectionable, it can possibly cost you the job


Your post can also end up in the hands of someone who despises you and posting embarrassing information about yourself gives them the opportunity to slander your name. 


At the end of the day, any negative information about you on the web can lead to any of these possibilities:




Incriminating Yourself

Of course, in order for this to affect you-you would need to be engaging in illegal activities. It is even plausible to get arrested over a photo online in which you are engaging in illegal actions. 


This has happened in the Stanley Cup riots which allowed police to be able to successfully classify possible rioters. 


This also can affect people who post about partaking in considerably insignificant illegal activities such as how to download movies illegally or fishing without a license.


Online Embarrassment

Users are able to post unobstructedly on the internet– but that does not mean they should. Posting questionable material matters online-only invite the views and opinions of other users. 


Whether this is family, friends, or employers, your online reputation will ultimately shape how others view you in person as well. Avoid posting pictures of unfavorable material this will shield you from inevitable criticism and judgment from those “internet trolls”.




Losing Your Job

Clearly, posting negatively about your job can only point to one result – and that would be losing it. 


This additionally goes for publishing content at work, or in other words, being unproductive on the clock. 


One way or another, the post will end up in the hands of your boss or someone who holds authority and the repercussions may cost you your job and livelihood.


Freeing yourself of the “it won’t happen to me” mindset is a great place to start. 


This will permits you to avoid losing your job, a scholarship, or even a relationship. 


Countless people are coming into contact with this dilemma, there are alternatives for you to post online without creating irreversible harm to your future.


Protecting Your Online Posts

With all of these possible adverse consequences for posting, is it even worth publishing anything at all? 


Luckily, there are alternatives for you to post online without creating notable harm:

  • Applying Privacy Settings – Social media networks have intense privacy frameworks that prevent users from discovering your online information. This can be anything from securing your profile down by enabling privacy features, to screening that post from specific individuals.
  • Posting CarefullyIf you won’t say it to your mother, it is probably not smart to post online. Being mindful of what you post will set up you up for progress in the future. If you don’t publish anything controversial, you can’t get in trouble in the first place.
  • Remaining Impersonal – When discussing any issues, try to be as vague and impersonal as possible. Do not complain about it on social media. One negative post or comment and you may incriminate yourself.


Fully understanding how to protect yourself online can spare you from prolonged embarrassment and possible opportunity loss in the future. 


Remember, one way or another, everyone is able to see what you post online. 


Hence, appropriating these pointers can protect you from becoming a sufferer of an embarrassing post on the web. 

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