Ripoff Report Removal

Ripoff Report Removal 2022

Ripoff Report removal can be very beneficial to a business owner or company that is currently dealing with a report that could be extremely damaging to a company’s brand. The issues are not so much about individuals going on to and searching for your company. The trouble comes from the fact that Ripoff Reports has a reputation for ranking extremely well in Google.


This happens due to the unfortunate fact that Ripoff Report is considered a “popular website” where it receives high amounts of daily user traffic. Google’s mission statement is to provide credible and valuable content for its readers. This implies that websites users go to the most will be prompted higher up in the search results ranking pages.


The problem with Ripoff Report is that there is no review procedure. Articles and reports may be submitted by anyone, they may be posted anonymously, and also do not need to be based on facts. The BBB has a much better understanding of what a company’s actual performance is. This does not stop the reports from ranking remarkably well for articles regarding both individuals as well as businesses/brands.



The damage a Ripoff Report does after observed in the search results about a brand is tremendous. So what can a person or business do once they have a Ripoff Report online?


You may as well forget spending money on a lawyer to sue them.  You won’t win; what they are doing is sadly legal. If you can prove who posted the anonymous post, you might have some recourse, but you will not be able to request the website owner directly without some form of argument.

Thus, there’s no point to sue ripoff reports for anything.


Your best bet is to focus on controlling the first & second pages of the Google search results (ripoff reports are not a problem on Yahoo and Bing). The way this is done is by promoting and creating multiple profiles on social sites as well as publishing news articles and creating custom websites.


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How Can You Remove a Ripoff Report Online?

Think about erasing a Ripoff Report listing as a process similar to reverse SEO. Instead of marketing one site, you promote ten or more until they have sufficient authority in the eyes of Google to displace the Ripoff Report you’ve deemed negative. This may sound simple but can be quite a long tedious process


Most of the articles posted on the Ripoff Report have a section near the bottom of the page that looks identical to the photo below. This is where you will have an opportunity to voice your rebuttal and attempt to have the content removed.

ripoff report rebuttal

ripoff report rebuttal


Helpful Websites for Removing Ripoff Report Articles

In this digital age, we live in a world of social media. These can come in handy when working to promote yourself online and suppress negative reviews and content simultaneously.


By publishing new content, photos, and stories online you are telling Google that there is more information about you online that is more recent and most important then Ripoff Report.


This process will take some time so be sure that you remain patient and do not give up.


How Long Does Ripoff Report Removal Take?

On average it takes a professional reputation management company approximately 45-60 days to knock a ripoff report from the very first page of Google. Some take more. It is not a specific science.


The problem with doing it yourself is that you may spend hundreds of hours trying to figure it where to start and who to contact. This could leave you stuck for months or even years! If that is the case and you decide to hire a reputable firm to do it for you, you will still be looking at roughly 1-2 months before it is gone. But with our ripoff report removal service, be assured the removal won’t take long. 


What Does a Ripoff Report Removal Cost?

Cost and effectiveness range. They assert anywhere from a few weeks to six months to remove the claim. In our online reputation management company, most of the removals are completed in 1-2 months (sometimes much sooner).


Irrespective of which response you chose, one thing is clear. You need to eliminate that Ripoff Report. If you do not, it is going to continue taking bites out of your business or professional life for years to come.


Generally speaking, the average Ripoff Report removal will cost an individual or business roughly $5,000 – $10,000.




3 Most Common Mistakes People Make While Removing Ripoff Reports

How frustrating… You have worked hard growing your business both online and off and somebody has unjustly filed a ripoff report against your business. I mean, how ugly can this be if your next potential client searches in your name, and this is your ripoff report only staring you in the face.


A number of our customers have found that their business drops off by 35-55% simply since an easy ripoff report was filed online. This is true no matter if the report is true or if it was filed by a deranged client. Believe me, in case you’ve got a real company, you need to make this report go away and move away quickly.


So among the first things you do is type ripoff report removal in Google as you may get confused regarding the broad variety of services provided. Who is good, who is bad, and which of these are actually scams.


1) Do Not Rebut The Ripoff Report: This simply results in additional web material and the search engines will see an increase in activity and rank the Ripoff Report higher in search results. Not many small business owners can come off sounding credible on the rebuttal anyhow so this is a losing game.


2) Don’t Ignore The Report: It is well documented that the majority of men and women research a company before utilizing their solutions by Googling them.


3) Don’t Do A Slow Removal: Many companies have sprung up immediately to”try” to proceed a ripoff report to page 2 or page 3 of a Google search. The majority of these businesses don’t have strong enough capacity and will attempt to convince you that it will require 3 weeks to 2 months to remove. NOT Correct. Respectable companies can remove 95 percent of the reports in 5-10 days.



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