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How to Remove Personal Information From Reddit

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Have you ever used Reddit? It serves many roles and remains an amazing corner of the internet. It is amazing in good and bad respects.


You can learn countless useful information on Reddit. But you can also find tons of incorrect postings. You can also fall down a rabbit hole of weirdness.


It’s all there, but what you might not realize is that you can find yourself on Reddit.


That’s not a philosophical statement. It’s very likely that Reddit has your personal information somewhere. If you don’t like the sound of that, you might want to learn how to remove personal information from Reddit. It’s an important life skill, managing your online presence.


Below are the steps you need to take to succeed in this endeavor.

How to Remove Personal Information From Reddit

You can remove your personal information from Reddit, but it is not a simple process. First, you have to delete any posts you have made that include personal information.


From there, you can search to see if your personal information persists anywhere else. If it does, your best bet is to contact Reddit directly. You can explain why you want to remove your info, and they might actually help.


After you purge all posts with personal information, you also need to delete your Reddit account. It contains personal information. And as long as the account survives, your info is somewhere on the site.


It’s best to make this the last step so that you have access to Reddit information and services until you are finished.

How Do I Delete Myself From the Internet?

When you remove personal information from Reddit, you’re really just getting started. Your personal information is all over the place, and if you don’t like that, then you need to prepare yourself for some serious work.


The internet is designed to find and track information. That includes information about people.


If you want to delete yourself from the internet, you’re going to have to beat the whole internet at its own game. It’s not a small task, but when you learn the process, success is possible — mostly.

Remove Your Accounts

Start with internet accounts you have made. Social media presents itself as an obvious target. When you delete all of your social media accounts (ensuring that the information is destroyed along the way), you remove the easiest places to find your personal information.


After social media, you can attack many more accounts that you have created.


This includes accounts for games you play, information services, shopping services and just about anything else that required your name and contact info at some point.


It’s a daunting list, but if you want to remove your personal information from Reddit and the rest of the internet, it’s a vital step.

Tackle Data Broker Sites

Once you eliminate all of the information you elected to provide to the interwebs, you have to go after things that never got your approval.


For this, you’re looking into data brokering sites. There are tons of them, and they list just about anything. Some will have your contact information. Others specialize in listing public records like who owns property or arrest records.


You can find a good list of these sites here, along with the steps to unsubscribe from their listings. This will take time. It will be annoying, but you cannot disappear from the internet while you’re still on all of these sites.

Search and Destroy

At this point, you are no longer on Reddit. You killed your social media accounts. You went through the painstaking task of getting off of every single data brokerage site. You’re done, right?


Unfortunately, no. There are still plenty of places you will find your name (and more personal information).


The next step involves good old Google. Google yourself. See what still appears. There’s likely a list. You are now going to go to each of those sites to see what they know about you.


If you want information removed, you have to contact the site admin. Explain why you want to be removed. Plenty of them will do what you want. Plenty won’t.


For those who refuse to remove you, you’ll want to write their names down. It’s time for things to get serious.

Understand the Right to be Forgotten

The right to be forgotten is an extremely complicated legal idea. The gist is that sites have to remove your information if you ask, but in practice, it’s not that simple.


For the most part, websites that fall under EU jurisdiction are under a lot more legal pressure than sites that don’t. If any obstinate sites fit these criteria, try citing the legislation to them. Many will buckle.


When you don’t have this protection, the right to be forgotten is of little help. Instead, you may have to sue each website that refuses to take down your information.


That can be a lot of litigation, but it’s your most powerful tool. At a minimum, you can talk to a lawyer and see how your case looks.

Drown Your Presence

Ultimately, there are going to be websites that don’t remove your information, and you can’t always make them do what you want. The final step in this process is reverse SEO.


For anyone unfamiliar, SEO stands for search engine optimization, and it involves practices that help a person, company or website become more visible on the internet.


You’re going the opposite. You are going to create a bunch of accounts that use your name (but not any of your other personal information). You’re going to flood the internet with these accounts, and that will ultimately create a smokescreen that makes it very difficult for people to find real information about you.


It’s not a perfect solution, but if you combine it with everything else, you’ll reach a level of anonymity attained by very few people in the modern world.

Enlist a Service

The above steps are long and involved. It would take countless hours to do it all. If it’s beyond your means or desire, then you need another option.


For that, you want internet removal services. They are plentiful, and you can find great options. The services go through all of these steps for you, and they find great success in removing you from innumerable internet listings.


If you want to remove personal information from Reddit or any other part of the internet, they’re probably your best bet.

What Information Are Companies Allowed to List About Me?

Seeing the sheer scope of what it takes to leave the internet, you might be wondering why it’s so hard. Are companies and websites even allowed to list all of this stuff about you? The short answer is yes. Any time you use software or online services, you are greeted by a really long legal document.


It’s typically called an End User License Agreement (EULA) and includes all of the rights for both parties in the agreement.


To make a long story short, the EULA almost always grants legal rights to the company that lets them track, sell and publish information about you (along with a lot of other ‘rights’ packed into the document).


It usually only gives you the right to stop using the software or service at a time of your choosing (although you may have to jump through a bunch of hoops to do so).


All of this is to say that these companies are legally protected when they publish your information, and in many, many cases, you signed those rights over to them yourself.

Can I Really Remove Myself From the Internet?

So here’s the big question. Can I really remove myself from the internet? Can I even remove personal information from Reddit?


Ultimately, no. You can’t get it all. There are too many devices and people around the world making money off of this kind of information to get them all.


Even if you get removed from every list and website that follows the law, there will still be black market or dark web resources that can find you. That’s the hard truth of the digital age.


On top of all of that, a lot of your online information is posted by your own government. Some of it, like property ownership records, is useful to you. You can prove that you really do own your house because the county keeps a record of that information.


Here’s the bottom line. If you want to be forgotten, you can, but it’s never going to cover absolutely everything. You can become less visible on the internet, but complete invisibility is a superpower that none of us possess.


If you want to remove personal information from Reddit or any other website, contact us today. You can fill out our form or call us anytime at (844) 445-6096. We’ll audit your online presence and give you a detailed analysis of what it will take to make your name disappear.


From there, we can help the internet forget you as thoroughly as possible.

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