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How to Remove Yourself from Whitepages

Whitepages.com is considered the authority in online people search. Knowing how to remove yourself from Whitepages is key to protecting your privacy and personal data online.


The company was established in 1997, making it nearly as old as the Internet.


Like Spokeo and other people search sites, Whitepages contains your name, age, where you live, relatives, and phone numbers- and will show this information to anyone who wants to see it.


For just five dollars more, anyone can learn your previous places of residence, obtain your financial records, and view any criminal history you may have.


Discovering that anyone can easily see your private information can be frightening. The good news is that there is a way to have your personal information removed from the site.


Here, we will describe in detail how to remove yourself from Whitepages and regain some valuable peace of mind.


Why You Should Learn How to Remove Yourself from Whitepages

Whitepages is only one of many sites that collect, keep, and display your personal information online. Anyone can find your personal information through Whitepages and other sites simply by performing a Google search of your name.


It can be very difficult to remove your name and information from every site similar to Whitepages. However, Whitepages is the biggest website of its kind. That means it is well worth your while to learn how to remove yourself from Whitepages.


The good news is that doing so is not difficult. By simply following a few easy steps, you’ll be able to get Whitepages to delete your name and information from their public records.


Still, other sites will also possess your information and display it to anyone who searches for you. Getting yourself removed from those sites may be very time-consuming and difficult.


For this reason, the services of the professional privacy experts at RemovePersonalInformation.com can be invaluable.


But first, let’s take the first important step of learning how to remove yourself from Whitepages.


How to Remove Yourself from Whitepages Free Database

Whether you live alone, are responsible for children or other vulnerable persons, or simply wish to maintain your rightful privacy, finding your personal information displayed online can be disturbing.


Follow these steps to have your personal data removed from the public access portion of Whitepages:


1. Type “Whitepages.com” into your browser and go to the site’s primary landing page.


2. You will then see two boxes, one for your name and the other for your current home town. Fill in these boxes and click the magnifying glass image to search.


3. You will come to a list of names similar to and including your own. You may need to look through several to find the right one. Select the name that you believe is your own. Click the box or button next to it containing the words, “View Details.”


4. Now you will see a long list of your information. Not all of it may be correct, and your name may be misspelled. You will see links to further information that is behind a paywall.


5. Now, highlight the URL on this page and hit Ctrl+C or save it to a note app or word document.


6. Navigate to the “Opt-Out” page, here.


Note: be sure to have the listing URL ready. You will need it for the next step.


7. You will find a box like the one on the landing page for the site. Beneath that, you’ll see “Opt-Out of Whitepages.”


Below that, you’ll see another box and a button labeled “opt-out.” Paste the URL for your Whitepages page into the text box above that button and then click the button.


8. The site will bring you to a box with your name in it. Make certain this is the correct entry and click “Remove me.”


If it’s not the right entry, click the “This is the wrong person. Take me back” link, and find your correct entry.


9. If you have found the right entry, select a reason for deleting your info from the drop-down list. It doesn’t matter which you choose. Then click “submit.”


10. You will then be asked for your phone number. Whitepages will call you and verify the number. Click “Call now to verify” to receive your 4-digit code.


11. You’ll be taken to a page with your code displayed on it. When the site calls you, you will be prompted to enter the code either verbally or by pressing the numbers. Do so.


12. After you enter the numbers, the robocall will tell you that your request is accepted, and instruct you to refer to the Whitepages website if you have any further questions.


13. After the robocall hangs up, click refresh on the page with your 4-digit code on it. It should read “Success!” and remind you that it may take as long as 24 hours for your free-level info to be fully removed.


How to Remove Yourself from Whitepages Premium

Unfortunately, your information may still be in the site’s premium access database.


That means you’ll need to have your data removed from that collection as well to be safe from the prying eyes of those determined to learn your personal information.


1. Go to the Whitepages website.


2. Enter your name and address in the provided fields, and click the search icon.


3. Find your name in the list of entries and right-click the button labeled “View Full Report.”


4. A menu will open with an option labeled “Copy Link Address.” Selecting this will create a copy of the page URL.


5. Go to the Support Request page, here.


6. The page will ask what kind of issue you are having, Click the drop-down menu and select “I need to edit or remove a listing.”


7. This will cause the page to refresh and present you with a questionnaire. Fill it out including the URL you have copied to your clipboard. Complete the “Subject” and “Description” sections explaining simply that you do not want your information on their site.


8. You should receive an email within a few minutes stating that your request is being processed. After about 24 hours, you’ll get another email from them informing you that your data has been removed from their site.


What’s next?

After completing these instructions, it may take as long as 24 hours for your data to disappear from the site. So, if it’s still up after you’re done, don’t worry. Just check back the next day to make sure the job is done.


If you find your data has not been removed, further action may be necessary.


Need Help with Information Removal?

Contact our Online Privacy Experts today!


To learn more about protecting your personal information, get in touch with the online privacy experts at RemovePersonalInformation.com. Our digital data privacy experts look forward to answering your questions and helping you to protect your right to privacy.

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