Find out more about the PeopleLooker opt out process.

PeopleLooker Opt Out: What to Know

Is your info on Learn about the PeopleLooker opt out process and how to take control of your private info today.


PeopleLooker is just one of many websites that focus exclusively on sharing and selling your private information.


Unfortunately, it’s nothing new: the first people-search sites originally appeared as far back as the 1990s.


Yet, a lot has changed since then. Such websites, PeopleLooker in particular, now post and sell more personal information about us than ever. And with that increase, PeopleLooker opt-out techniques are in higher demand than ever.


Of course, the same is true for opt-out measures for sites like Spokeo, Whitepages, BeenVerified and so on. And it’s a growing market, with players including MyLife, Instant Checkmate, and Family Tree Now recently joining the fray.


But unlike many of its rivals, PeopleLooker offers only paid access to information. And this pay-for-info model continues to receive extensive criticism from people across the world.


To better understand why, it’s important to look at how the service actually works.


How PeopleLooker works

PeopleLooker scans a variety of public databases to collect personal info. And unlike many other sites in the people-search and information brokerage market, PeopleLooker’s process is extremely fast.


PeopleLooker combs through all collected contact information, third-party data, social media profiles, and more to create individual search listings.


And for a small fee, an in-depth PeopleLooker profile package provides access to these listings. These may include phone numbers, email addresses, school and job information, criminal records, bankruptcies, known associates, relatives and more.


A PeopleLooker profile may even feature photographs, blogs, domains, neighbors, and other unnecessary info, including video footage.


To sell this info, PeopleLooker lists a number of uses for its service. This includes searching for friends and relatives, checking out dates and lovers, and various professional and business applications.


But regardless of such suggestions, hinting that video footage of a person may be available can be highly alarming.


And this level of data is likely far more comprehensive than that offered by other websites, particularly those providing information for free.


On another note, PeopleLooker offers paid members exclusive access to the information in its database. And access starts as low as $1 (seven-day trial).


Beyond that, PeopleLooker access costs about $20 per month, depending on the membership plan you choose.


Risks associated with PeopleLooker

The sheer volume of information offered by PeopleLooker is often criticized for putting vulnerable people at risk. For instance, survivors of abuse and stalking victims may face very real threats resulting from the exposure of private info.


Of course, the same goes for all sites of this nature. But selling photos and video footage makes PeopleLooker a unique target of critics across the web.


It’s for this reason that securing a successful PeopleLooker opt-out should be a priority. And these same measures should be taken to opt out of other people-search, background check, and information brokerage platforms.


Tried-and-tested PeopleLooker opt-out

Knowing what sells, it’s little wonder that many want to learn the PeopleLooker opt-out process quickly.


On the surface, opting out is pretty straightforward. In fact, PeopleLooker provides a clear link in the site footer titled ‘Do Not Sell My Personal Information.’


Yet, clicking on this link takes you to As PeopleLooker is quick to explain:


“Don’t worry, you’re not lost.” “BeenVerified currently manages the Do Not Sell My Info/Opt-Out process for PeopleLooker.”


Once you click to confirm that you still wish to remove your information, BeenVerified weighs in with this:


“BeenVerified provides a quick and easy process to allow you to remove your information from our People Search results. Just search our database, select your record, and verify your request to opt-out by clicking on the link in our verification email.”


Wait… why is BeenVerified involved?

Background check company BeenVerified powers the so-called People Search database.


An added bonus is that opting out of either PeopleLooker or BeenVerified should technically opt you out of both.


To do so, follow BeenVerified’s instructions to locate your record. Once found, click on your name. You’ll then be directed to a dedicated opt-out request page.


“In order to complete your opt-out request, please enter your email address below,” says BeenVerfied. “When you click ‘Send Verification Email,’ we will send an email for you to verify the removal of the record you selected from our search results.”


BeenVerified adds it will only use your email for the purpose of verifying your opt-out request.


If you’re concerned about providing an email address, consider using a temporary or disposable address. You may find one at Guerrilla Mail, 10 Minute Mail, or a similar service.


Either way, remember to check your email to confirm your PeopleLooker opt-out is complete.


PeopleLooker positives

Before looking the negative aspects of PeopleLooker, it is only fair to consider some of the positives:


Comprehensive terms and conditions

Unlike others in the people-search space, PeopleLooker boasts a comprehensive set of terms and conditions. “There are limits to how you may use PeopleLooker reports,” says the site.


Prior to using the website to look up information, users must review PeopleLooker’s terms and confirm acceptance.


Account-holders must also agree not to use PeopleLooker data for decisions about employment, insurance, or tenant screening.  Also, they many not use this info for consumer credit checks, per the Fair Credit Reporting Act.


Information is only available for a fee

Additionally, PeopleLooker listings are only available for a fee. There’s a degree of traceability between the website’s owners and its users.


This means that if someone uses the service to look up information about you, PeopleLooker’s team will have a record of it.


PeopleLooker opt-out is straightforward

Finally, PeopleLooker’s opt-out process is pretty straightforward.


With our tried-and-tested PeopleLooker opt-out method, requests are generally processed fast.


PeopleLooker negatives

Unfortunately for individuals, the cons of PeopleLooker far outweigh the tiny handful of positives.


Growing risks to the public

As shown, PeopleLooker’s business model presents all sorts of risks. This is especially true for people vulnerable to crime, identity theft and more.


Charging for personal information

Of course, PeopleLooker also attracts criticism for making money for selling personal information.


Few would argue that this information should be free. But charging $20 per month or more for personal details is unlikely to sit well with anyone.


Promoting the broader people search market

What’s more: PeopleLooker promotes the practices of the broader people search, background check, and information brokerage industry.


And as this market grows, people lose even more privacy. This also increases the availability of similar information on a variety of different grounds, including potentially free of charge and wholly without regulation.


Combating the wider sale of your personal information

Opting out of sites like PeopleLooker is crucial to protect your privacy.


And among the best ways to remove info and protect that privacy is to call in the experts.


At NetReputation, we specialize in online privacy protection, reputation management and a variety of online solutions. As a leading provider of information removal, privacy protection, and search engine suppression, we know exactly what it takes to safeguard against the risks created by


Beyond and sites like BeenVerified, Spokeo, and Instant Checkmate, our team promptly and effectively tackles personal and private information removal from a total of over 50 data aggregators across the web.


What’s more: each removal is 100% guaranteed.


Safeguard your online privacy now. Contact our Privacy Protection Team today to find out more.

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