Find Mugshots Online for Free

Find Mugshots Online for Free

How to Find Mugshots Online for Free

Want to learn how to find mugshots online for free?

Odds are your mugshot and arrest information is on the internet and it might be more attainable than you may anticipate. There are thousands of arrests that exist in the USA on a daily basis. In recent years (dating back to about 2015) we have seen the development of internet mugshot publication sites (i.e. BailBondCity).

These sites proudly display the latest arrestees for anybody with an online connection to view. In this day and age being arrested is almost as bad as being a sexual offender. Especially when it comes to first impressions, gaining a new job, purchasing a new home or even attempting to date on the internet.

People are now able to locate information on all topics imaginable, this includes your personal information. Aside from Googling somebody’s name combined with the terms”arrest” or”mugshot”  there is an assortment of data aggregate websites accessible to anyone with $10 to spend (i.e. InstantChec

kMate, WhitePages, Spokeo, +50 more).

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In the following guide, we will walk you through all of the measures required to not just find mugshots online for free but what you can do about it. In addition to the way, you are able to work towards eliminating them if you have fallen prey to this.

In the olden days, a person would need to walk into their regional court of clerks’ office with court documents in order to view a record. Now you don’t even need to leave your sofa. Locating mugshots and arrest information on the internet as simple as upgrading your Facebook status or posting a new photo to Instagram.

After working in online content removal and the online reputation management industry for over a decade. Our team has perfected the way by which we find mugshots online for free. Prior to eliminating them from the front pages of Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

For most, the process is rather simple. Granted you don’t have a common name such as John Smith. Utilizing an inmate locator such as or shouldn’t be troublesome for you. However, gone are the days where you’d need to pay a visit to a law enforcement agency in order to get access to such documents. In 2019, you have to find mugshots online for free on Google, Bing, and Yahoo in a matter of seconds.


The Process of Finding Mugshots Online for Free

For starters, you may need either a smartphone or a computer to do this. Start your research procedure by heading to Google and typing in the following: “Your Name” arrest.

As previously mentioned it might be more difficult to locate a record for yourself if you have a rather common name. If that is you, do not worry, simply put in the city/state where the incident happened inside the quote marks with your name. If there is anything online, Google will prompt it.

By adding quotation marks onto your name you are basically excluding all of the other websites that have nothing to do with you specifically.


mugshots are public record 2


As soon as you have located a few websites which have published your arrest information we recommend that you create a spreadsheet to list each one these sites. By creating this spreadsheet you’re avoiding numerous clicks on this particular negative content on Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Since you may or might not be aware, repeated clicks on a single webpage within the search results send signals to Google. Over time it can potentially rank that negative site higher. Google assumes you’re interested in the material since you continuously click on it. Therefore they want to make it more easy for others to find as well.

Once you’re done making your spreadsheet you can start to contact each of the sites. We recommend using a tool such as DomainTools or ICANN WHOIS to find the contact info of each site owner. This process can be extremely time consuming and frustrating since these sites are protected under the first amendment and aren’t legally obligated to remove your mugshots from their website. After all, arrest records are public information.


Is It Legal to Publish Mugshots Online?

Unfortunately yes. There’s no law that prevents a website from publishing arrest information. This allows anyone on the internet to view mugshots of you.

Many mugshot sites are broken down by county or town documents. This makes it easier for folks to research. Most companies will utilize these sites during their hiring procedures.

Why? Because it is free and a fast way to get results about an individual’s past. Of course, without needing to wait for a background check to clear. Although most of these sites have disclaimers that the records published are not to be used during the hiring process. We all know that they do.




It is difficult to dispute the fact you were arrested after your potential employer is looking right at your mugshot.

This can be comparable to a potential employer looking you up on Facebook. Scrolling through your posts and photographs to find out if you will be a good fit with that corporation.


Find Mugshots Online for Free with RPI’s Team

As we mentioned at the start of this article, RemovePersonalInformation has been removing criminal documents from the web for over a decade yielding nothing but positive results and satisfied customers.

You’re given a 100% warranty on all mugshot removals. This means if we’re unsuccessful in eliminating your information online you are entitled to a 100% refund. Additionally, if your criminal records and mugshots should reappear online there are never any additional charges to have our team of removal experts eliminate them.

Granted the resurfaced data must be with regard to the same arrest we originally eliminated.

We use a reliable strategy when working to get rid of content on the internet. If you are interested in learning more about GuaranteedRemoval and how we can help you with eliminating your criminal records and find mugshots online for free.

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