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How to Remove Court Records

Can you remove court records online? Yes, the process of removing court records online can be tedious, however, our team of reputation and removal specialists along with our legal team may be just what you’re looking for.

In this digital era, it has become quite a nuisance for many individuals who have been arrested during their life. Let’s be straightforward, being associated with a court case usually isn’t much fun for anyone involved.

Despite the legal result of the allegations, the court record is technically considered public information. If this information falls into the wrong hands your reputation may be in jeopardy for many years to come.



There are various people search websites that collect and publish everything from your address, contact information to your criminal records. These files are available on over 400+ websites and obtainable to anyone with an internet connection.

Court records create a negative association with whomever they’re tied to. Whether your case with dismissed or not, at first glance other individuals may (and will) assume that you were guilty.

Despite what you see on the internet today there are various websites on the “dark web” where individuals can research your criminal history more matter how long ago the incident occurred.

With the help of our team here at RemovePersonalInformation, your court records can be deleted from the internet. It is important to remain proactive before your crisis worsens. 


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Court Records Are Here To Stay… Or Are They?

There is nothing new and exciting about public records, criminal details or even mugshots. However, during the past decade, we have seen the emergence of dozens of mugshot publication websites.


Even though mugshots are deemed public records we feel that if an individual has served their time or was found not guilty (dismissed, expunged, etc) that they should have a second opportunity to redeem themselves in the world without negative public records holding them back.


In the olden days to obtain public records, an individual would have to physically visit the county offices in order to request a specific legal document. Nowadays anyone can search on Google.




Court Record Removal Analysis

Furthermore, here at, we offer a complete removal solution for all court records and data online


Most removals are completed within 3-4 business days as all removal projects are protected by our money-back guarantee.


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