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Remove Online Criminal Records, Police Booking Information and Mugshots

A listing and arrest history will injury your online reputation immensely, there is no doubt about it.


Arrest records, mugshots, and police reports appear online often and high up in the rankings at that. Most individuals who fall victim to negative information on the online don’t know where to turn for help. That is why Remove Personal Information (RPI) is here to walk you through all the necessary steps.


For people who are punished with a law-breaking offense, or charged and not convicted at all, their encounter(s) with the law is going to be displayed over the internet. There are hundreds of privately owned websites that publish criminal information, especially mug shots.


This can happen to anyone from a minimum wage worker to a top-level executive of a Fortune 500 company. If you have a low or non-existent online presence your mug shot and arrest details may appear on page one of Google, Bing, and Yahoo.


Along with police records being announced online, native or national newspapers may also reveal charges that rank amongst the first spots on Google. This has devastating negative impacts on an individual’s reputation.


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Restoring Your Online Reputation By Removing Your Arrest Records

Having your name disclosed during a criminal case and having it surface online can put many individuals in a tough position. Most people are vulnerable and at a loss, not knowing what to do or where to start.


If your name has been mentioned during a criminal arrest or conviction, don’t worry. There are steps you can take to remove it online.


After all most of these data aggregate sites are owned by non-governmental agencies which means they have the option to remove the information if they are willing to.


There are choices available, however, the general public is unaware that these services exist.


The simplest steps required to repair your online reputation depends on the individual and their personal desires. Other factors include the severity of the charges and whether or not that individual was convicted of those alleged charges.


Depending on the cruelty of the charge, the sources where your information is released may vary. With an average arrest, we tend to see our clients on mugshot websites such as BailBondCity, RipoffReport.com, Arrests.org or RapSheets.org.


However, if you are a top-level executive and known within the community you may have a more difficult time. Top media outlets in your area may decide your arrest is newsworthy and post an editorial referencing the incident.


These are much more difficult to deal with due to the authoritativeness of the media outlet. Most of these sites stand behind freedom of speech and public information (Freedom of Information Act).


How Expungements Can Remove Your Personal Information Online

Depending on the country, state or province you were arrested in you will be eligible to apply for an expungement. Several countries have policies in situ that aim at forgiving individuals of their past criminal offenses once they have been found innocent or served their time.


Typically there are a variety of variables that are taken under consideration once it involves government-run programs addressing criminal pardons.



Most states require the individual to wait XX amount of years before they are able to apply for an expungement. This ensures this individual has “rehabilitated” and is in good standings as a citizen.


Talk to a professional, or inspect your state/ provincial laws for additional data.


Can’t Delete it? Try Suppression

If you’re unable to excise your unwanted arrest information online, your next best choice is to suppress or take away any traces of your unwanted online content.


This is a more expensive route to take however it yields great results in hiding anything negative.


While several newspapers, and people search databases publish individuals’ criminal arrests they are also able to remove it completely. They often comply with any and all removal requests if you can provide them with expungement or sealing or the record.


There are 2 main routes that will be taken, content suppression and content removal.


Content suppression is the method of pushing down negative information within the search result pages.


If you search for your name and the first three search results are concerning your arrest record, mug shot or a police record, content suppression services can push them down so that they aren’t the first thing others see when looking you up on Google.


However, with content suppression services your content continues to be visible online, simply additional down the page. This does not completely fix the problem but reports claim 90% of Google visitors never venture past the first page. By suppressing your information you can lessen the blow and reduce the chances someone finds your arrest information.


Content suppression is looked at as a temporary fix because it can return to the first page of search results over time. Here at RPI, we monitor your online reputation to ensure the information stays off the first page.


What is Best For Your Reputation?

Content removal is the best choice to repair your online reputation without a doubt.


Content removal could be a rare and extremely technical service that’s not offered by most name management corporations. However we can extensive experience here at RPI, that is why we offer a 100% guaranteed so if we fail you are entitled to receive a full refund.


Content removal is when your unwanted information, mugshot or booking information is completely off the internet, forever.


That’s right!


Completely wiped from the internet. As much as people say “once something is on the internet, it’s there for good” use to be true. Until now, please fill out the form below to receive your FREE REMOVAL ANALYSIS today.

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