the right mugshot removal service can help you remove the embarrassing image fast.

Mugshot Removal Service: What to Expect and What to Know

For better or worse, arrest records are public records that will likely always be available to anyone who cares to look. But a good mugshot removal service can help ensure they remain invisible to anyone using Google or social media to search your name.


And that’s good news for your career prospects, credit score, and perhaps even your personal relationships.


Why You Might Need a Content and Mugshot Removal Service

Get arrested for even the most minor misdemeanor, and one of the first things that happens is they take your picture.


What happens next depends on the state in which you’re arrested. But in most cases, your mugshot will be posted online almost immediately (certainly within 24 hours).


Worse: once it is publicly available, there are many sites that will profit by posting your mugshot and demanding fees to remove it.


Why Acquittal or Expungement Doesn’t Always Help

You may never be convicted or even charged with any offense.

It doesn’t matter.


The reputation damage is already done.


And even if a judge orders your arrest details expunged from the record, it won’t always remove your mugshot from these third-party sites.


Your Surprising Lack of Legal Protections

You need to approach each of them individually. And they’re under no legal obligation to take down the information.


If you’re very lucky, they may do so as a courtesy. More likely, they will demand a huge fee before taking action.


Some local papers have also been known to post mugshots online as a way to boost traffic. And this may be even more harmful to your local reputation.


These activities are illegal in about 12 states. But, they remain unrestricted across the rest of the country.


You can get current information on the laws in your state by visiting the National Conference of State Legislatures.


Whatever the law says, you may still need a mugshot removal service

If you’re lucky enough to live in a state that bans this behavior, it should be relatively easy to remove your mugshot and details from a mugshot site.


But there’s no guarantee those photos won’t immediately appear elsewhere.


So, whatever the legal position, a good mugshot removal service can be invaluable for protecting your reputation.


Another Scam to Look Out For

Sad to say, there are a number of so-called removal services that work hand-in-hand with sites that post your mugshots.


Claiming to be work in your best interests, they first seek to establish how much you are willing to pay.


They then relay this information to the sites concerned, who naturally demand a slightly higher price. This is usually in return for a money-back guarantee of immediate results.


Many victims dig a little deeper into their pockets. Not realizing that the “service” they have used has been working, in effect, as an agent for the site that posted their mugshot.


Nor is there any guarantee that the removal of content from one site will prevent it from being re-posted on others.


How a Mugshot Removal Service Works

Fortunately, though, there are legitimate services that will take care of all this for you.


Search Engine Results Analysis

The first step is to carry out a thorough analysis to find out exactly where your mugshot and other details are to be found online.


This means searching with Google, Yahoo, and Bing, as well as all major social media platforms.


A good mugshot removal service will then demand that your mugshot and records are immediately removed from all third-party sites.


On completion of this stage of the process, they should notify the search engines and social media platforms of what has happened. And then require them to permanently delete your arrest details and mugshot.


Mugshot suppression and reputation repair

But perhaps the most important step in the repair of your online reputation is to drive your mugshot and arrest details down the search engine results pages (SERPS).


Industry studies suggest that at least 75% of Google searchers never scroll beyond page one of the SERPS. And around one-third will click on the very first result.


So the goal is to post positive information about yourself that will rank higher than your mugshot and other negativity.


And the good news is that this is relatively easy to do unless you’re a celebrity or share your name with one.


How to use social media platforms

All that’s required is to post regular updates on social media platforms such as Facebook/Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. If you don’t yet have profiles on these platforms, it’s time to start.


They’re entirely free. And posts on these massive sites automatically rank high on Google.


You might also start a personal blog. It’s not necessary to post brilliant or even original content. The key is regularity. This is because Google and the other search engines give a high ranking priority to what is new.


Use a good quality reputation repair service

Your mugshot and arrest details will rapidly drop to the point of invisibility. And although the posting process can be time-consuming, a good mugshot removal service will take care of it for you.


And they’re a very cost-effective option when compared with the alternatives of legal action or the innumerable hours spent if you decide to do it yourself.


A good service will not confine itself to mugshots, but will focus on the repair of your online reputation in the broadest sense.


Online Reputation Repair

This means finding a service that will take care of all information discoverable about you online. That includes:


  • tax issues
  • news about marriage, divorce, and relationships
  • civil proceedings in the district, state, or federal courts
  • bankruptcy, debt, or complaints about any business you may be involved in.


There are many undoubted benefits of living in the digital age. But one of the downsides is that it’s far easier than ever before for scammers and hucksters to try and make a quick buck by trashing your reputation.


Our expert mugshot removal service is ready and waiting to help you. Contact us today to learn more. 

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