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Off the Radar: 5 Tips for Becoming More Private Online

How do you stay off the radar and protect your privacy in 2021? 

Finding information about you online has become all too easy for anyone that just simply Googles your name. This is because of all of the sites that ask for various information about you to either sign up or take part in their service.

If you want to become a more private person and get off the internet completely, there are a few tips you can use to stay off the radar. Therefore, maintaining control is important.


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How to Stay Off the Radar in the Year Ahead

Abstain From the Internet

Abstaining from the internet is by far the best way to ensure that you are eliminating your online presence. Deleting or avoiding social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and others can aid in limiting what personal information others can find out about you online.

This is quite challenging considering that our culture has become quite online-reliant, but it is not impossible. Staying away from the internet can also aid in protecting you from any threats pertaining to hackers and identity thieves.


Rid Yourself of Company Phones

Phones provided by the company you work at, your own personal Apple or Android phone, or any other form of the wireless device plays a big role in your online presence. These phones require a name and address in order to sign up for their plans, ultimately putting that information into an online database.

Instead of using these phones, use prepaid phones that do not require any plans. This will avoid any of the required information needed to obtain any corporate or touchscreen phone.


Live Much Simpler

Any debt or taxes that you owe are collected through a database online through the IRS. As you accumulate more debt or taxes, these are red flags to the IRS.

They will not stop contacting you for money as you purchase expensive items, which is why ridding yourself of all of these debt-ridden items can keep them away.


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Avoid Using Membership Perks

Membership packages are everywhere. Whenever you sign up for a membership at your gym, get a discount card at a shoe store, or any other form of a “perks” program, you are giving your personal information away to large companies.

Any membership service collects your information into a database and helps them market to you. Sites like Linkedin use this often to obtain more and more users.


Online Reputation Management

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