Will Bailbondshq remove your mugshot? If not, we can help!

Can’t Make Bailbondshq Remove Your Mugshot? We Can Help

Will Bailbondshq remove your mugshot? If not, contact us today at 844-445-6096

Whether you were charged or not, if you were ever arrested, police probably took your mugshot.

This mugshot, along with information about your alleged misconduct, is “public record.” And, it can be put up on sites that constantly collect information, like Radaris or Bail Bonds HQ (Bailbondshq.com).

Unfortunately, having Bailbondshq remove your mugshot and other personal info isn’t easy.

Sites like Bail Bonds HQ feed and fuel Google results. Because Google considers these sites “reliable and trusted” sources of public info, they often rank much higher than social media during searches of your name.

This can be very damaging for people who made a minor mistake or who already served their time. Although you may be innocent, the damage to your online reputation has already been done!

If the first thing employers find online is your mugshot, they’re going to move on to the next applicant fast. The same goes for that date you planned for Friday night.

But if the information is old, incorrect, or no longer applies, surely there’s a way to make Bailbondshq remove it, right?

The short answer is “Yes and no.” The long answer, we’ll explore in the rest of this article.

If you want to learn how to remove your name from Bail Bonds HQ and other mugshot sites, read on!

What Is Bail Bonds HQ?

According to their site, Bail Bonds HQ is “the nation’s largest Bail Bondsman Resource.” They are not a bail bonds agent or agency. Their purpose is to provide information about people who’ve been arrested. This allows bail bondsmen to track and find them.

“We consolidated all of this information in one spot to save bondsmen hours of daily searching trying to track down inmates from their surrounding counties,” says the website.

They also answer frequently asked questions about the bail bondsmen business. In fact, they describe themselves as a “marketing and directory service company.”

A site like this may seem a good idea if you’re tracking down a dangerous felon. But anyone on the internet can access this information. And the site lists all mugshots and arrest records, not just individuals with open bonds.

Bail Bonds HQ doesn’t put expiration dates on their info or make updates at any time. This means that even if there were no charges, your mugshot is still listed with the reason for your arrest.

What Information Does Bail Bonds HQ Display?

The information displayed by bailbondshq.com varies by state. But, it usually includes your:

  • County
  • Booking ID
  • Booking date
  • Suspect ID
  • Gender
  • Race
  • Age
  • The charges against you

They also include a Google Map snippet that pinpoints the jail you were brought after arrest.

Can I Make Bailbondshq Remove My Mugshot Through Legal Action?

The short answer is “No.” You cannot make Bailbondshq remove your mugshot through legal action.

Once Bail Bonds HQ collects publicly available arrest records, they receive First Amendment protections. And because the information is “public,” it does not belong to you.

So, technically, you don’t have the right to demand removal.

However, you can engage an attorney to remove your information based on expungement. Sometimes companies like Bail Bonds HQ will remove irrelevant information for a nominal fee.

If the information is false, or incorrect, you may be able to petition for removal as “defamation.” But this is only possible if the information is actually false.

Keep in mind that even if you do succeed in removing your information from Bail Bonds HQ, there are other sites that will collect and store it. You’ll have to remove your information from each site or hire a service to do it for you.

And even then, if someone took a screenshot of the info or posted it on social media, the source information will still be available online.

How Do I Opt Out from Bail Bonds HQ?

The only way to delete your information from Bail Bonds HQ is to fill out their “Opt-Out” form online. On this page, the company says that they will review your information “within three business days.”

They do not mention when or if you will hear back from them.

According to 135 complaints on the Better Business Bureau site, BailbondsHQ ignores or denies most requests.

If you cannot make Bailbondshq remove your information…

To have Bailbondshq remove your information, you have to provide your personal information (address, phone number, email, etc.) as well as a legit reason for removing your information. There is a section that allows you to upload record expungement documents.

If you sealed or expunged your record, you probably won’t have much luck removing your info. In these cases, it’s best to try a different tactic.

Instead of removing the negative information, consider burying it with positive posts.

Online Reputation Management

Public Relations 101 tells us it’s better to be on the offensive than the defensive. Fighting against negative claims on the internet just brings further attention to them.

Instead, focus on redirecting that attention to positive news.

Implementing a positive SEO campaign to bury old or incorrect information involves a lot of directory listing searches, SEO strategy, and writing. Google’s algorithm considers countless factors,  but some of the biggest are:

  • Relevance – how recent and relevant the information is
  • Authority – how reliable the resource is
  • Consistency – how frequent and consistent the source of information is
  • Accuracy – if the information is verified by other sources
  • Traffic – how often people view the information

A reputation management campaign has many tactics. But each is centered on producing positive content that meets these criteria. The more content you post on credible sites, the more authority Google will give it, and the higher that positive content will climb in the rankings.

Google’s number one goal is to provide people with accurate information and answers to questions as quickly as possible. As positive information rises in Google results, negative information is pushed down and becomes less relevant.

And once the negative results have been pushed to page two of Google and beyond, your reputation is on the mend! Only 25% of people go to the second page of Google results. Less than 10% make it to the third or beyond.

Need us to remove a mugshot from Bailbondshq? For a fast, proven mugshot removal solution, call 844-445-6096 today.

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