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3 Common Online Reputation Management Mistakes

Common Management Mistakes | In the past, businesses could survive based on the reputation that was provided for them by word-of-mouth. Now, as society is gravitating toward social media and online interaction, we look to alternative online sources to do business with.

Without a positive online presence, consumers will be quick to overlook your business and move toward competitors. Ultimately costing you revenue in the long run.


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Consumers trust what is being said online about a business, which is why it is important to manage your online reputation and develop an online reputation management strategy (ORM). Obtaining an ORM strategy, whether it be through a firm or yourself, is vital in keeping a positive appearance online.

Although these strategies can be beneficial, there are common management mistakes that many individuals make as they strive to improve their reputation online.


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Here are three common management mistakes in online reputation management.


Fabricated Review Postings

One of the first places individuals look when considering doing business with a company is reviews. Getting positive reviews from customers generates more, right? Therefore, posting fake positive reviews means the same too, right? Well, not exactly.

Google’s search algorithm, it detects when customer feedback is illegitimate and doesn’t count it toward the company’s rating. Any fake reviews with high ratings is a waste of time as it does not resolve their issue.

Furthermore, consumers have an eye for fake reviews. This can establish a stigma that your company is dishonest or a “scam”. This is why you should further focus your efforts on real customer interaction and service. Further enhancing your ratings and developing a consumer-base that actually trusts you.


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Negative Reviews – Ignore or Respond?

Most companies will have a negative review at some point, the question is whether or not to address it or let it be.

Answering negative reviews angrily will do more harm than good. After all, people tend to look at the negative reviews more than the positive ones. This can further complicate the situation and allow that customer to share that news with family and friends.

The word will travel. You may also feel as if you should ignore the review, which leaves the rest of consumers to view what has been said without your company’s initiative to correct the situation.

Google will favor reviews that are looked at online so be sure you are not continuously looking at this. One good way is to create a press release on the subject, provide facts, and take responsibility. This shows consumers you care about the issue in efforts to rectify the situation. Make sure they know you are aware of their complaint and are proactive about the situation.


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Mixing Professional with Personal


The professional world is much like the rule of a dinner table. Do not bring up politics and religion. As much as mixing your personal views with your professional life may seem like it can benefit your business, it actually may do quite the opposite.

Using your business’s platform to post about religion or politics can deter consumers from interacting with your business, ultimately costing you money. Although you may find an increase in like-minded customers, This may cause a decrease in customers who are against what your business is about.

This is why it is extremely important to separate your professional and personal life, your personal views will do more damage.


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Avoiding These Mistakes – Maintain Your Reputation

Having a positive reputation online is key to growing your business. This is why avoiding to fix harmful mistakes can be devastating to an otherwise thriving business.

  • Mixing business with pleasure
  • Posting fake reviews
  • Responding unprofessionally to negative reviews


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Finding the best online reputation management strategy for your business is a first step in successfully managing your reputation and making sure you have a positive appearance online. Read more here on how you can better improve upon your web presence. Or call us today at (844) 445-6096, what do you have to lose?


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