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Removing Your Information from NeighborWho

The neighborhood search site called NeighborWho may be putting your privacy at risk. Here’s how to remove your personal information from the site. 


In the world that we are living in right now, many of us don’t have time and are not interested to know more about the people we share the street with or the people that are living in the same neighborhood. More than 20 years ago people used to go to their neighbor’s house so they can borrow some minor but urgent things instead of going to the local store.


Right now many of us don’t even know the names of our neighbors, not to mention some even more private details. This modern world and our daily obligations are restricting our freedom and we ignore some basics so we can save some time.


Some people used this situation and are providing services where you can check details about certain people without bothering to meet them in person.


One of the websites that are offering services of this kind is NeighborWho, this service is able to provide its users with detailed information about individuals just by using the name or address in the search box.

What You Need to Know About NeighborWho

Many people will find this kind of service very useful because on it you can find out if your co-workers or neighbors have criminal records and many additional pieces of information.


You may be satisfied when you figure out that you can find a lot of information about certain people, but you should know that the same information can be found about you as well. Do you still feel safe and secure?


You will probably not going to feel comfortable once you figure out that total strangers can search online and find a bunch of personal information and details about you. People will be able to dig out some very personal information like your family details, your address, phone numbers, criminal history (if there is any), email address, finances, and much more.


We will provide you with more info about NeighborWho and how this website collects their information together with the solutions in case you want to remove your info from NeighborWho or any similar website.


The NeighborWho is very similar to the rest of the people-finder websites but focuses on giving information about properties and property current and past owners. To use this service, you will need to enter the property address or property owner’s name in the NeighborWho search engine.


Once you do that you will be granted access to the person’s current property records, property value, mortgage data, past sales, relatives, and associates.


The NeighborWho is selling their service and you can sign up for one-month membership which will cost you $44.86 or a three-month membership which will cost you $87.47 and a 7 days trial membership for $1.


Once you sign up for a month or three-month membership you will have unlimited searches, while with the trial membership information that you can take is limited.


Membership Benefits Include:


  • Four Ways to search and discover.
  • Faster searching counted in seconds.
  • Unlimited address checkups.
  • Unlimited Email checkups.
  • Unlimited Phone checkups.
  • Unlimited Contact information.
  • Unlimited Background reports


Some of the suggested uses of this service include locating old friends or classmates, verifying online sellers and buyers, verifying mailing addresses, estimated property value, property details, and property reports but you can also search for yourself so you can see what kind of information is available for you online.


This website also notifies you about the forbidden uses of the information that you can obtain from them like identity theft, stalking, tenant screening, harassment, employment screening, and others.


NeighborWho is a service that provides well-rounded reports. They have some things that can be very beneficial, like having a sex offender list added at the end of the report. This can be beneficial for you because it will inform you about the potential danger of the people who are living near.


With this service, you can watch up to 10 different locations at the same time and this will allow you to access property reports, current and past owners, in-depth information, and see real-time residency changes. Homebuyers from the real estate industry are especially benefiting from this kind of service.

NeighborWho: How it Works

As we already mentioned, this website is similar to other data brokers or people-search sites. They pull information from millions of public records available and compile in-depth reports (some incorrect information can be found also).


Some of the records are including, marriage licenses and divorce records, property data, government records, birth and death certificates, and tax records, contact info, and are acting as a digital address directory.

Removing your information from the Site

In case you want to start an opt-out process for your NeighborWho profile you should know that BeenVerified is currently managing this kind of process. You need this information so you won’t be surprised once you click “Do Not Sell My Personal Information” it will redirect you to a different website.


We made a step-by-step guide so you can manually opt out from the NeighborWho website and search results.

Opt-Out Guide for NeighborWho


Finding Yourself in the Search Box


This process starts with adding your first and last name to the search box at the top of the BeenVerified opt-out page. Once you put in your information, you will need to press the green button “Search.”


Selecting records

After you put your information, the system will search their database and show a list of potential people with similar names. You can use some filters that this website is providing so you can give an advantage of certain results.


Once you find yourself, you can mark the records you want to be deleted or removed.

Adding your email

After you decide what records should be removed from the NeighborWho website, you will be requested to add your email address and complete the reCaptcha so you can proceed with the opt-out process. When you finish this process, you will be redirected to that page that says “Your Request Has Been Received,” and they will inform you to check your email.


Confirmation Email

You are going to receive a confirmation email at the address you provided (be sure to check your spam folder also).


To finish the opt-out process open the email and press the green button “Verify Opt-out”. This action will redirect you to another webpage where you will receive confirmation that you are successfully removed from NeighborWho.


When the whole process is finished, you just need to wait for the website to remove your information, and it will usually process your request within 24 hours. You should know that this process usually takes a lot less because NeighborWho will remove your info once they receive your confirmation email.


This process is simple and easy and it’s not going to take so much time. However, if you don’t have time to spend doing this manually you can always find some individual or company who is working with this kind of issue and they will go through this process for you.


Need help getting your information off NeighborWho and other sites like it? Click here to contact us today!


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