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5 Ways Social Media Affects Your Health

Billions of people around the world use social media, which has led to a great shift in the way our culture has evolved. There are many impacts that arise from the constant use of social media. These social platforms enable people to be able to post, like, and share freely with anyone on the platform, which has allowed our world to become a lot smaller and connected.

Even with all of the perks that social media has supplied us with, you might be wondering. “How social media affects me?”. Is social media affecting our health negatively? Here are a few ways that social media affects your health.


Social Media Affects Your Health


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Social media affects your health in many ways. Although it is somewhat unclear as to how social media is causing anxiety, anxiety has grown substantially since the increase in social media.

As people have researched this topic, many users of social media experience restlessness, worry, and concentration issues. This could possibly pertain to how fast-paced social media is, with thousands of users posting every minute and feeling as if you are not up to date every second of every day.

Studies from the journal of computers and human behavior have found that people who use seven or more social platforms are more likely to experience anxiety symptoms.

Since social media is relatively new to our world, new information is being concluded daily about this topic.  



In the past, addiction was always categorized with drugs, sex, alcohol, or cigarettes. Although social media addiction is not categorized as a mental health disorder, many researchers would say otherwise. Social media has played a significant role in younger people’s lives, which has made many users feel as if they can not necessarily go without it.

Studies have shown social media affects your health not only mentally but physically. The amount of physical activities the average individual undergoes every day has significantly dropped. The compulsive nature of consistently checking social media has become a problem for many social media users around the globe.

These excessive users are experiencing attributes associated with addiction such as depression, academic failure, and relationship issues.


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Human eyes are sensitive in the dark. Staring at a glowing screen at bedtime has everlasting effects on your eyes. Since phones and laptops use blue light, it can inhibit the brain from being able to receive proper sleep.

This is why users that look at their phones before bed have a much harder time sleeping than others who do not. Lack of sleep affects other areas of our life as well, such as awareness and the physical drive to complete objectives throughout the day.  


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Many users have found themselves to be unhappy after using social media platforms. Due to reading a negative post, or even feeling as if you are wasting your time on the application. Posting is almost like a domino effect, one negative post can spark other negative posts among users, which is also true for a positive post.

Regardless, the negativity that consistently online plays a large role in our everyday moods.


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Next, The Journal of Social and Personal Relationships did a study in which they set up 34 pairs of strangers with half of them having phones at the table. The other half were simply given notebooks. Individuals spoke for 10 minutes each.

The individuals with phones concluded that they had a meaningless time, compared to those with notebooks. Social media has become a barrier for people to hide behind and ultimately has led to less fulfilling relationships.

Monitoring your children’s’ web presence is extremely important nowadays. More and more children are utilizing social media and are unaware of the potential consequences.


Read more about online safety with children


Moderation is Key 

Lastly, like anything in life, moderation is key. Social media is not necessarily the issue, but interacting too much with it is. Developing a healthy relationship with social media can aid in avoiding the negative attributes associated with it. Get your name on Google fast by constantly publishing content daily.


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