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When it comes to cleaning up your online presence, MCSO mugshots removal is a fantastic tool. A fast MCSO mugshot removal solution helps you put your best foot forward, even after an arrest.


Arrests happen. But that doesn’t mean you have to continue paying for that mistake months down the road.


In fact, Remove Personal Information is eager to guide you through the process of online mugshot removal.


Not only do we specialize in the removal of online mugshots. We also help suppress negative content, improve your online and create a stronger, more positive reputation.


Here’s an in-depth look at what mugshot removal is, its benefits and how we can help you build a long-term, positive online presence.

Why Do Mugshots Exist?

While the term “mugshot” dates back to the 18th century, the purpose of a mugshot has always remained the same. Mugshots serve to help victims and investigators identify a criminal after their arrest.


Before computer advancements made it unnecessary, arrested individuals would hold a sign stating their name. Other identifying information, including the date of their arrest, would also be included in their mugshot.

But today, mugshots simply show the arrested individual without an identification card. Personal information is kept within law enforcement computer database systems, which record details of the arrest.


As soon as officials take the mugshots, they become part of the public domain. And once that happens, they can be accessed by anyone under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).


However, if the individual’s record is sealed, then public access isn’t possible.


That said, there are other ways to prevent the public from accessing your mugshot.

Is Removing Mugshots Illegal?

Cleaning up your online presence by removing a mugshot is not illegal. In fact, removal can be achieved in a number of ways.


Where contacting the mugshot website owner can prove unsuccessful and frustrating, working with a reputation management company can deliver more timely results.


Although some individuals are hesitant about working with a mugshot removal company, companies like ours provide removal methods proven to work.


When an individual applies for a job or enters into a new relationship, online mugshot removal is key to success. Future employers, in particular, search candidates online prior to making a hiring decision.


Don’t let your online presence hurt your chances of achieving your goals. MCSO mugshots removal can help you turn over a new leaf and show others what you have to offer.

Are All Mugshots Posted Online?

After an arrest, law enforcement agencies often post mugshots to their website. Still, these agencies retain the right not to publish mugshots for a series of reasons.


If authorities misidentified the individual or dropped the charges, they may choose not publish their mugshot. Sometimes, the press requests that a mugshot be released, citing the public’s right to know.


Despite these circumstances, mugshots are generally considered public record (Louisiana is the exception). This means that anyone with internet can access mugshots at any time.


That said, some local authorities hesitate to post mugshots online due to the potential long-term negative impact. With an old mugshot floating around, previously-arrested individuals may have a hard time moving forward.

How Long Before My Mugshot Appears Online?

On top of being arrested and facing charges, an arrested individual also has their reputation to worry about. In almost no time at all, an individual’s mugshot can appear online.


Given that a person’s mugshot is public domain, it generally appears on the internet between 1-3 days after the arrest. Some officials post new mugshots for a short period of time only.


Once posted, a mugshot does not disappear on its own. Even when it’s several pages back on Google, a mugshot is still accessible. It may even crop back up and haunt the arrested individual years down the road.

How Soon Does MCSO Mugshots Removal Take Effect?

Recently arrested individuals can take steps to remove their mugshot soon after their release from custody. However, there could be barriers to MCSO mugshots removal our team can help you overcome.


Of course, law enforcement has the right to post mugshots on their websites. But the good news is that these websites circulate mugshots fairly regularly. While law enforcement keeps mugshots for their records, they don’t usually feature them online for very long.


When you partner with our removal team, you can remove your mugshot and take control of your online presence in no time.


Without professional support, previously arrested individuals are often at the mercy of mugshot sites. Removing your mugshot is a hassle-free process with our expert guidance.

Removing Mugshots From Search Engines

Again, without the help of a knowledgeable team, deleting your mugshot from the web can be a frustrating task.


If you want to remove your mugshot from Google, Yahoo or Bing, first contact the webmaster or site that posted it. If the website posts your mugshot wrongfully (i.e. it displays incorrect information), the website should remove it for free.


You can also contact the search engine directly. When you do, ask that they de-index your mugshot from search results. This step is easier when you prove the mugshot is harmful or displays false information.


But if neither option is viable, you can work with an experienced removal team to remove your mugshot fast.

Is It Possible to Erase A Mugshot From the Internet?

While it’s possible to remove mugshots from search engines and third-party sites, the task is easier when you meet certain criteria. Note that the existence of a mugshot doesn’t always mean a conviction took place.


There are grounds to remove your mugshot from the Internet:


  • Dropped
  • Closed
  • Sealed or expunged


On the other hand, if a person’s mugshot falls into the public domain, there are far fewer options to have it removed from websites for free. This is where joining forces with Remove Personal Information is a positive step to clean up your online presence.


If you want to remove your mugshot from Google, Yahoo or Bing, first contact the webmaster or site that posted it. If the website posts your mugshot wrongfully (i.e. it displays incorrect information), the website should remove it for free.

Will My Mugshot Appear Somewhere Else After I Pay to Remove It?

The unfortunate truth about mugshots is that once they enter into the public domain, they can be posted onto third-party websites who are hoping to make their own profits — usually thanks to advertisement fees.


When the mugshot is slanderous, it’s easier to force these sites to remove your mugshots from the web.


We help remove mugshots from sites appearing prominently on popular search engines. This can help individuals regain their sense of confidence post-arrest as they build a positive future.


Because the Internet can be so unpredictable, it is possible that your mugshot will appear on multiple sites without your knowledge. Our skilled team at Remove Personal Information can help you discover these sites and remove your mugshot once and for all.

Partner With Our Experienced Team to Take Your Mugshot Offline

In today’s digital age, there’s no denying that the Internet is a powerful tool, but it can be equally harmful for individuals who would like to limit the circulation of personal information, like past mugshots.


To ensure that your Internet reputation stays squeaky-clean, join forces with Remove Personal Information’s highly-trained team. For over 7 years, we have provided individuals just like you with the reputation management services that you need and deserve.


With our help, you can considerably improve your chances of landing a fantastic job, turning over a new leaf or even meeting someone new, without the stress of knowing that your old mugshot is somewhere on the Internet.


For more information on Remove Personal Information’s MCSO mugshots removal, contact us today.

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