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Online Reputation Management Tips For Newbies

Learning the ropes of great online reputation management can give you a whole lot of momentum in your life, profession, and business…or seriously damage them. Let the winds of the world wide web blow in your favor with these top tips for newbies!


Let’s start with an exercise. First, type your name into Google. What comes up? Do you like what you see? Are the results positive? 


If by any chance what you are seeing are negative reviews, misleading information, or even a criminal record, you may be wondering how you can establish a much more positive online image.


Fortunately, this is a common issue for many people and as many are looking for answers, protecting your online reputation has become a viable and even desirable option. So! Here are some great online reputation management tips to help you take control of your online presence.


Reputation Management Tips & Processes

Online reputation management (ORM) is the process in which you take control of the online conversation around you. Using this process can keep you safe from online embarrassment and let your presence shine on the Internet. At the core of this system are three key processes;

  • Monitoring
  • Prevention
  • Cleaning

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Monitoring: Keeping an Eye On Your Brand

First of all, you need to keep a close eye on your brand. This can be done by observing and monitoring articles, review sites, social media platforms, or any other area on the web where your business or personal name has a presence. 


So our tip is that, instead of searching for your name constantly, you can easily do this by utilizing some of the free online reputation management and monitoring tools;

Google Alerts

This is one of the most commonly used tools. It allows you to easily set up an alert system that tells you whenever your business or name appears online. The tool also permits variations in the frequency you wish to receive notifications, enabling you to be notified as often as you wish. Read more on how to get your name on Google to assist with flooding out any negative content.

Yahoo Alerts

Similar to Google Alerts, you can also be notified of news about your brand. Through the utilization of the keywords you enter, Yahoo Alerts can notify you via email, messenger, or mobile.

Twitter Search

As Twitter is commonly used by many users for personal views and opinions, your brand may be written about positively or negatively. Using Twitter Search enables you to filter your views based on attributes such as links, dates, locations, and others.

Social Mentions

Much like Google and Yahoo Alerts, Social Mention mainly pertains to content generated by users, being anything from blogs, events, comments, videos, and news. This tool pertains to the social aspect of your online brand name.


Prevention: Brand Building

The second online reputation management tip we have for you is…brand building!


As your online presence entails your name, company, brand, executives, and more, this can, quite often, leave you exposed to bad sentiment on the Internet. This is why building your brand with solid foundations is vital. Building up specific profiles on platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter — to name a few — will help you expand your voice, presence, and show who you are and your values.


Interlinking your pages and sharing similar brand usernames will help boost the pages for your search. This will ultimately suppress any information you are not in control such as review sites, negative blogs, etc.


In general, monitoring and prevention are enough for most users eager to manage their online reputation. Still, we have one more tip to go! Cleaning is the third and final reputation management tip we will share on the ORM process today.


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Cleaning: The Third Leg Of The ORM Process

This last tip may be the most challenging component of an online reputation management (ORM) strategy as it includes fixing any online content that has already affected the business or brand negatively. As you can imagine, this is an essential part of the process, more so because people get overwhelmed in these sometimes complex scenarios. When your reputation is at stake, your entire business shakes.


If you feel your situation is too complex, get in touch with us today. We will be happy to assist you.


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